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12:00 PM - 1:00 PM Presented by: Monica Gil, SVP and General Manager, Multicultural Growth and Strategy, Nielsen, and Vanna Tran, Senior Manager of Multicultural Growth and Strategy, Nielsen Category: Marketing Off Site

Everyone knows reaching the 120-million U.S. multicultural population is critical to a brand's success, but the opportunity just got bigger. Please join Monica Gil and Vanna Tran as they show you how to capture a greater piece of the multicultural prize than you have today. They'll share:

  • How multicultural success can be more cost efficient over time
  • Which categories have multicultural Super Consumers - where they fall in the top 10% of households who drive at least 30% of sales, 40% of growth and 50% of profits
  • How to utilize Super Geography clustering to pinpoint the most resourceful activation strategies
  • How understanding the media habits of multicultural Super Consumers can drive ROI.

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