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The concept images (pictured) were created by Californian artist Cuba Lee. He depicts how space miners will extract minerals from space rocks using large drills and gas chambers.
The Nosee prototype was created by Birmingham-based 383. A sensor (pictured) monitors changes in pollen levels, and sends these changes to a sufferer's smartphone app.
Ministers are fast-tracking the measures, which pave the way for drivers to sit back and, ultimately, concentrate on other tasks as an on-board computer assumes command of the vehicle.
Santa Cruz researchers As the moon cooled and solidified 4 billion years ago, the sculpting effects of tidal and rotational forces became frozen in place.
A medical expert at Long Beach Memorial in California said the discovery of heart disease in Ancient Egyptians and other cultures hints that there are triggers other than a modern fatty diet.
Apple engineers working on the gadget have been told not to expect it to launch until 2015, accordint eh tech blog The Information.
Monterey researchers found a deep-sea octopus brooding its eggs for four and one half years—longer than any other known animal.
text Snapchat app could be worth $10 BILLION
Wed, 30 Jul 2014 23:10:10 GMT
This is according to sources close to the California-based group who said the terms of the latest funding round, which include Alibaba Group Holding, may still change.
On July 26, the moon crossed between Nasa’s Solar Dynamics Observatory and the sun, a phenomenon called a lunar transit.
Two thirds of women play mobiles games before bed, compared to 52 per cent of men, according to a study into UK gaming habits by London-based group Mind Candy.
The photo taken at the 2014 Oscars, held in Los Angeles, by Bradley Cooper is perhaps the most famous example of an usie which is pronounced 'uss-ee' to rhyme with fussy.
The patent was filed by the South Korean tech giant in March last year and awarded this week. It reveals what the firm calls its 'new design’ and shows a circular face (pictured).
During a call, Signal (pictured), developed in San Francisco, displays two words on the screen of both users that are used to confirm who the callers are, and stops people joining the calls.
The device, which was created by inventors in Massachusetts, has yet to be launched but features sensors that can tell if the wearer is awake.
Scientists at the University of Michigan have discovered a technique to lock away photos, videos and other documents in tiny particles suspended in water.
The survey involved more than 2,000 UK residents and was commissioned by London-based mobile analytics firm RootMetrics.
The images are part of the 'Art of Science' exhibition being held by Princeton University in New Jersey. The winner was this image of the patterns created by water moving back and forth on the Atlantic coast.
Bump Mark (pictured) was designed by London student Solveiga Pakstaite. It contains gelatine and as the food begins to decay, so does the gelatine to reveal a bumpy layer underneath.
The luxurious Crystal Serenity cruise ship will be the first to traverse the Northwest Passage, a Pacific-Atlantic sea route far beyond the Arctic Circle.
Instagram has launched a new ephemeral messaging app called Bolt. The app, which functions similar to Snapchat, allows users to quickly share self destructing photos or videos with a friend.
The £25 CaseCam, created by Seattle-based Garett Ochs, uses a fold-out mirror to both prop the phone up and let the camera see what's in front of the device.
The ship is a Hudson River Sloop, designed by the Dutch to carry passengers and cargo over shallow, rocky water, according to Columbia researchers.
Researchers at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in Virginia used a technique, called light-sheet imaging, to capture 80 per cent of the fish’s neurons in action.
Called Hicon, the bangle from Italian firm Things-Lab is due to retail for $89 (£52) and go on sale in November.
A graduate for the Royal College of Art, London, created the leaves from chloroplasts found in plant cells, that are suspended in a web of silk protein.
The Berkeley system uses a filter and an algorithm to make images appear clear.
22 year old Londoner James Proud says his $99 Sense system can tell you exactly why you aren't' sleeping.
The San Francisco gadget is on course to be Kickstarter's biggest hit.
Scientists at Edinburgh University have, for the first time, been able to precisely measure the mass of the Milky Way - and they believe it's lighter than previously thought.
The increasing amounts of water in the upper troposphere (pictured) are a direct result of human activity, University of Miami researchers say.
Microsoft's hardware chief Stephen Elop gave employees a sneak peek at a 'selfie' phone featuring a 5 megapixel forward-facing camera at an internal meeting this week.
text Twitter 2Q results soar, stock flies high
Tue, 29 Jul 2014 22:11:42 GMT
Although still dwarfed by rival Facebook's 1.3 billion users, the online messaging service's stock soared almost 30 percent after hours.
text The secret of the perfect selfie
Tue, 29 Jul 2014 21:39:01 GMT
York researchers created 'guide' images showing the three factors we use to create first impressions - Approachability (pictured), dominance and youthful-attractiveness.
A San Francisco security firm says a new flaw in Google's Android mobile operating system leaves the personal and financial details of users open to hackers.
Physicists at the University of Maryland have found a way to make air behave like an optical fibre, which could guide light beams over long distances without losing power.
Scientists from the Vienna University of Technology separated a neutron from its magnetic moment for the first time, like how the Cheshire Cat loses its smile (illustration shown).
Manuel Linares from Barcelona created the ‘Xamaleón’ ice cream. Before it’s served, the treat is a light blue colour and when it’s ordered, the server adds a spray of ‘love elixir, to change colour.
Dr Penney of the University of Manchester used cutting-edge technology to study fossilised insects, which have been illustrated for a new book.
A video produced by Washington DC's American Chemical Society reveals the science behind why dogs smell each other (stock image shown).
Peterborough-based Hotpoint surveyed 2,000 adults about the technology that had changed their lives, which included the iPhone (shown).
Engineers at the University of New Mexico and Los Alamos National Laboratories are researching the use of focused ion beam technologies to change hair colour (mock-up pictured).
The study, by Harvard University in Massachusetts, compared Apple's results with similar searches for the term 'Samsung Galaxy slow', and found the term was unaffected by Samsung releases.
The popular dating site has been removing users' photos and adjusting 'match percentages' to see how it would change the likelihood of a match.
Nasa's Opportunity rover has now traveled over 25 miles (40 km) on Mars. The distance set by the Washington-based agency took 10 years and is a new record for off-Earth driving.
The skull was buried at Qafzeh Cave in Israel 100,000 years ago and now, using 3D reconstruction (pictured) scientists know the effects of the head trauma.
Study by a researcher at Oregon State University says that men can take on the role of being a mother (stock image shown). Dr Saturn says that when a mother is absent the father assumes the role.
The prototype device will be trialled at the Kendal Calling festival in Cumbria, Bloodstock in Derbyshire and the Tough Mudder events this summer.
Physicists at the University of Kent simulated whether it is possible for fossils to survive the impact of hitting the moon and are hopeful that evidence of life could be found.
Dr Smith from Portland State University says a future interstellar mission would only work if a large human colony was taken along for the trip (illustration of a future space colony shown).
The Nasa analysis suggests it is possible for liquid water to reach from the moon’s underground sea all the way to its surface.
LA firm Brikk's Lux line of gold, platinum, and diamond-encrusted versions of the iPhone 6 will cost $4,495 to $8,795.
$30 figures can be customised to look like a 'mini-me' using a new amazon customisation app - and the firm promised 3D printing is the start of a 'shift in retail'.
Warwick and Boston researchers say Google searches for business and politics topics precede a crash.
text Will robots compete at the 2020 Olympics?
Mon, 28 Jul 2014 20:13:26 GMT
Prime minister Shinzo Abe made the comments during a tour of robotics factories in Tokyo and Saitama, where he also announced the creation of a taskforce to treble the size of the industry.
The comments came from president, Gwynne Shotwell, during a radio interview in which she said the California-based private firm will make the human race ‘multiplanetary.’
text Will a comet wipe out Nasa's Mars probes?
Mon, 28 Jul 2014 19:32:11 GMT
Nasa scientists in California are taking action to save three spacecraft including Maven (illustration shown) that will be orbiting Mars when a comet passes on 19 October.
The breakthrough, by engineers from Stanford University, California, could revolutionise technology from electric cars to smartphones.
Scientists at the University of Cambridge have developed an 'invisible' metamaterial. They say their technique (illustration shown) can be scaled up to cloak large objects.
A study by the University of Wisconsin, Madison, found that people prefer to use the phone or face-to-face communication when they have bad news to share with their friends.
A spacecraft launched from Kazakhstan carrying animals (shown) has been saved. Ground controllers have re-established contact with the Foton-M4 satellite.
The graves of 390 people were discovered in the grounds of South Leith Parish Church in 2009, when work was underway for Edinburgh’s new tramline.
One of the craters is located in Siberia's Yamal Peninsula, while the other was spotted on the Taymyr Peninsula, to the east, in Kransoyark region.
Connecticut-based company reveals device to keep kids safe near water. The £58 ($99) iSwimband(shown) alerts parents when their children fall into a pool .
The study, by Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Colorado State University, is the first to look at how the combination of air pollution and higher temperatures will affect food supply.
UK Home Office has invested £431,000 in development of 'Rapid DNA' (device shown). The system will enable the identification of suspects in under two hours.
A study led by the University of Edinburgh says dinosaurs may have survived if the asteroid that caused their demise struck before they were weakened by a changing climate.
A study by Aberystwyth University has found that slapping palms together at head height passes on fewer than half as many germs as a handshake.
Called crAssphage, San Diego researchers say it is linked to obesity, diabetes and other gut-related diseases.
Stanford researchers say human behaviour has already killed off over 320 species - and many more are set to follow.
The $9 Israeli clip has everything from a handy knife to both a philips and flathead screwdriver.
Apple is believed to have already signed up Apple to the project, which could launch alongside the iPhone 6 in September.
The on-demand ride-sharing app Lyft is to take on Uber in New York City after reaching agreement with officials.
Groundwater losses from the Colorado River basin will challenge long-term water supplies for the seven states and parts of Mexico that it serves, according to a new Nasa study.
The study by the University of Cincinnati found that each species of mammoth and mastodon kept to separate areas based the types of food available.
The University of Miami claims without this dust, the Bahamas would not exist, and we would instead have a wide open ocean with a slight underwater bump on sonar.
Researchers from the University of Tennessee 'find' ancient oxygen in shallow pools (stock image shown). They were studying rocks 2.8 billion years old.
Nasa scientists in Maryland have revealed plans for a new giant telescope called the Advanced Telescope Large-Aperture Space Telescope (Atlast), illustration shown.
Researchers from the Center Herzliya in Israel used extreme clips relating to the Israel and Palestine conflict. They found a 30% increase in a participants willingness to reconsider their views.
The images were taken by Austin-based Ajay Malghan. He thinly slices and flattens food between panes of glass and photographs them by manipulating light and colour. A potato is pictured.
The project is the work of New York-based sculptor and artist Sam Van Aken who created the plants in an attempt to make people reconsider how food can be produced.
The California firm behind the Elytron says it can take off and land like a helicopter, but fly like a plane once in the air.
This is according to a UK survey undertaken by Switzerland-based firm Garmin. It found one in 10 people admit that they are heavily reliant on a satnav.
A French medical record (shown) from Paris in 1740 was found to include the oldest known reference to a near-death experience (NDE) in a patient.
The watch (pictured) was designed by Ukrainian-based Michael Medvid and its projector displays notifications and the time on the back of the wearer's hand.
Apps, including the Sonic Repeller from Finnish firm Pico Brothers, emit ultrasonic frequencies designed to repel various species of mosquitoes (stock image pictured).
Researchers at the University of California, claim that men with wider faces, such as Wayne Rooney, are more likely to get a bonus that their thin-faced rivals.
The Wheel (pictured) concept was created by South Korean designer Si Hyeong Ryu for the 2014 Electrolux Design Lab competition.
Nasa doesn't have enough money to get its new, $12 billion rocket system off the ground by the end of 2017 as planned, federal auditors say.
The largest aquatic insect in the world (shown) has been found in Chengdu, China. It is of the order Megaloptera and has a wingspan of 8.3 inches (21 cm).
The report, led by the University of California, Berkeley, argues that wildlife decline is a source of social and political conflict rather than a symptom.
An Oxford University study has concluded that just 8.2 per cent of our DNA is likely to have a functional purpose, compared to the previous estimate of 80 per cent.
Scientists at the University of East Anglia say our cells have an ancient ability. Cells perform reactions from the origin of life 4 billion years ago (illustrated).
Astronomers led from University of Manchester studied a distant pulsar. Called J1023 it seems to be sucking gas from a companion and vanishing (illustration shown).
Researchers in Washington say Kepler-93b is 1.481 times the size of Earth (illustration shown). The accurate measurement was made using two NASA telescopes.
The photos were (pictured) acquired by London-based uSwitch Tech and have fuelled rumours the logo will light up when new messages arrive on the iPhone 6.
text Would YOU eat dog meat?
Thu, 24 Jul 2014 15:04:26 GMT
Eating dogs is commonplace in Asian countries like Vietnam and Laos (caged dog pictured). But the CNN's John Sutter says we should also consider it in the West.
The exhibition at Oxford's Ashmolean Museum displays objects, including a replica funerary mask (pictured), from Egypt's Amarna Period between 1350 and 1330 BC.
Photographer Chad Powell, from Ventnor, Isle of Wight, used a Canon 6D DSLR camera to capture images of the spectacular constellation above the familiar beach scenes.
Canadian researchers say the ferocious beasts may have stuck together to increase their chances of bringing down prey.
The University of California studied 36 dogs (stock image pictured) in their own homes while owners were told to ignore their pet in favour of a stuffed dog or a bucket.
text Apple's iPhone 6 unveiled in September
Thu, 24 Jul 2014 05:54:15 GMT
Sources told the 9to5mac blog the handset will be unveiled in the second or third week of September.
text Facebook now has 1.32 BILLION users
Wed, 23 Jul 2014 23:56:24 GMT
The company's shares climbed nearly 4 percent in extended trading after the results came out, signaling that they could hit a record high when the stock market opens on Thursday.
Seven indians have now returned to their tribe - but it is feared they could spread flu.
text Samsung 105inch Ultra HD TV on sale in US
Wed, 23 Jul 2014 20:46:00 GMT
The giant set has a curved screen, and is the largest TV ever made with a 'cinema' widescreen ratio.
Created by Toronto-based developers, Relay (pictured) places GIFs into categories such as bored, hungover, grumpy, happy and excited. Users can send their mini-movie to contacts.
The California firm's Yosemite software will let users make calls via their iPhone from a Mac, and start work on an iPad before picking up in the same place on a Mac.
Harvard researchers say that despite its low happiness score, areas such as New York still attract people because of its job prospect.
Experts will soon begin analysing the remains of the MH17 victims (crash site shown). Aircraft containing the bodies have begun leaving Ukraine's Kharkiv today.
The theory, from Italy's Arcetri Astrophysical Observatory, suggests black holes die by transforming into 'white holes,' which theoretically spew material out.
A team at Temple University in Philadelphia used a combination of a DNA-snipping enzyme to eradicate the viral genome from the human cell.
Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman told a press conference, 'there is information [the rebels] did certain things' to the recorders (pictured), but didn't elaborate.
The patent was filed by the Californian-firm in 2011 and awarded today. It details a band fitted with a touchscreen the same shape as a 2010 iPod Nano (pictured in the iWatchz band).
Researchers using a collider in New York say they have solved the mystery of how a proton 'spins' (illustrated), which has persisted since an experiment in 1987.
New York-based Modiface has unveiled an app that changes your looks. Called Beauty Mirror (shown) it enables you to alter your appearance on the go.
Researchers from Colorado have studied the effects of nuclear conflict on Earth (stock image shown), looking at the result of detonating 100 warheads.
text Myth that we use just 10% of our brains
Mon, 21 Jul 2014 12:13:17 GMT
Barbara Sahakian, professor of clinical neuropsychology at the University of Cambridge, said the idea that we only use a small percentage of our brain ‘doesn’t make any sense’.
Canadian researchers hope a new series of experiments could shed new light on the 'multiverse', a theory which says ours is just one universe among many.
text Earth like soil spotted on Mars
Sat, 19 Jul 2014 00:24:10 GMT
Recent images from Curiosity from the impact Gale Crater reveal Earth-like soil profiles with cracked surfaces similar to those in Antarctic Dry Valleys and Chile's Atacama Desert.
Researchers from New York University studied mothering habits. They found babies had better neuron generation when in their mother's presence (stock image shown).
A leading Georgia robotics researcher called for the technology to be tested as a potential treatment.
Two skeletons from the massacre of at least 26 people in the Sahara desert in 11,000BC (pictured) are due to go on display at the British Museum, London.

Have your say: Will Apple's new iTime watch live up to the hype?
text Have your say: Will Apple's new iTime watch live up to the hype? An Apple patent for a smartwatch was revealed today, with the device apparently to be called the iTime. (itproportal)
British Embassy Convoy Attacked In Libya
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He's arrogant, tough, insecure and charming - but he has such bright blue eyes: Hilary Clinton&
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