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The lower jawbone (pictured) of an ancient human ancestor that lived around 200,000 years ago in Asia was discovered in a fisherman's net 15 miles out to sea.
Scientists at Nasa and the European Space Agency have released a video showing a previously unknown comet pass within 2.2 million miles of the sun's surface.
Dr Duncan Forgan from St Andrews University in Scotland believes its strange orbit (pictured) is an ideal testing ground for our understanding of how the solar system evolves under gravity.
Residents in Phoenix, Tucson, Lake Havasu City and Flagstaff reported seeing the pink cloud from the Terrier-Black Brant rocket launch that took place early this morning.
The tones include an option that turns a character yellow - a shade that the Cupertino-based company says it intended to be ethnically neutral. Asian users claim the colour is offensive.
Oceanographer David McCreadie found the red king crab on a beach in Redcar, north Yorkshire. The species is normally found in the Bering Sea off the Alaskan coast.
Yo's San Francisco developers have launched the Yo Store designed to notify users of new articles, funny videos, tweets, sports scores and more. There are more than 150 services in 10 categories.
Looking straight into the camera, Nasa's Curiosity rover used its robotic arm to take dozens of images that were then stitched together to produce the final image.
Astronomers from the Australian National University and other institutions discovered the black hole (Illustrated) at the centre of a quasar - an intensely powerful galactic radiation source.
Scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Maryland have composed tunes that cats preferred to human classical music like Bach's Air on a G String.
Buzz Aldrin, who was the second man to walk on the Moon, told a special US Senate hearing that the US should focus on sending astronauts on one way trips to Mars.
In Japan, owners of a robotic dog called AIBO believe their mechanical pets have souls, and have started to stage funerals in temples after Sony discontinued repair centres
Geysers like Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park (pictured) erupt periodically because of loops or side-chambers in their underground plumbing, Berkeley researchers say.
The 'malware' was spread by Windows users opening links sent out via phishing emails and social networks, inadvertently downloading a virus onto their computers.
At least 57 Amur leopards now exist in Russia’s Land of the Leopard National Park, up from just 30 cats counted in 2007, according to a new census.
Experts from the National Bureau of Economic Research in Massachusetts used a simulated economy to create a model that plotted a range of possible robot scenarios.
text The bionic hand that's operated by the brain
Wed, 25 Feb 2015 15:16:17 GMT
Oskar Aszmann, a world expert in reconstructive surgery, performed the operations on three Austrian men over the past three years.
Nasa's Calipso satellite found dust clouds carry on average 182 million tons of dust each year between the Sahara desert and the Amazon rainforest.
text 'Tomboy gene' linked to promiscuity
Wed, 25 Feb 2015 13:38:06 GMT
Researchers from King's College London found that 30 per cent of a woman's sexuality is caused by her genes, which is more than previously thought.
Texas-based Smartflash sued Apple for infringing patents on storing downloaded media. It accused Apple of using technology from its patents to create and develop its iTunes software (pictured).
text Dragonflies see in UltraHD, study claims
Wed, 25 Feb 2015 11:49:06 GMT
Scientists from four universities in Japan, have discovered dragonflies have up to 30 different types of light sensitive proteins, meaning that they see in the equivalent of UltraHD.
Nobel Peace Prize winner Professor Oleg Anisimov said there is evidence that temperatures are rising four times faster in the Arctic than the rest of the planet.
The dinghy is attached to a light aircraft so it can take off on land and water, and reaches altitudes of almost 10,000ft (3,000 metres). It It is used by the Centre of Geogenetics to explore remote lakes in Greenland.
This year, ESA-sponsored medical doctor Beth Healey will monitor five experiments that are helping to prepare for long-duration missions to explore our Solar System.
Scientists from Princeton University found that just a five layers of bubbles or foam on a drink, such as a latte or beer, significantly dampens the motion of liquid and prevents it from overspilling.
The McGill researchers say our daily activity is also influenced by rhythms much shorter than 24 hours, which are known as ultradian rhythms and follow a four-hour cycle.
The study published in Royal Society journal Biology Letters, by Duke University, North Carolina researchers, suggests differences in the mother-to-be’s hormones affect her scent.
The eclipse on 20 March will see 84 per cent of the sun covered in London and 94 per cent in Glasgow, Aberdeen and Edinburgh. It will be the biggest event of its kind since August 1999 (shown).
Israeli researchers also say they have discovered an effective way to trigger daydreams by giving electric shocks to parts of the brain.
Molars of the ancestor, named Epirigenys lokonensis, were found by a French team in Kenya's Lokone Hills. The species was about the size of a sheep, weighing in at 100kg (220lbs).
Palaeontologists have discovered an ancient wetland that covered much of the Amazon basin in Peru was filled with at least seven different species of caymen, including three new to science.
California-based Breathometer has developed an app to let users easily call an Uber when their breathalyser determines that the user's blood alcohol content is near the legal limit.
The Spanish National Research Council in Madrid made the discovery after analysing 99 incisors and canine teeth of 19 Neanderthals found in Spain, France and Belgium.
Scientists in the US have created working lungs, guts, liver and bone marrow on plastic chips. The US Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency is supporting attempts to join ten of these together.
Scientists led by the Scripps Research Institute in Florida said that the eCD4-Ig also works on human HIV when tested in a lab dish.They are hoping to start human trials 'soon'.
The Vermont-based collar is called Birdsbesage (BBS) and is designed to be easily spotted by birds, reptiles and amphibians. These animals have advanced colour vision compared to mammals.
Researchers from ETH Zurich encased DNA in silica and subjected the spheres to extreme temperatures. This was designed to mimic degradation seen naturally on DNA (stock image)
Astronomers at the University of Rochester have found that Scholz's star, discovered in 2014, passed so close it went through the outer Oort Cloud of comets that encircles our solar system.
Snapchat is looking to raise as much as $500 million in a new funding round that would value the mobile messaging company at up to $19 billion.
The spectacle (pictured) was captured by photographer Owen Humphreys by Dunstanburgh Castle, on Northumberland coast. He said: 'It was the best show I have seen for years.'
Together with experts from the US and Japan, a team of geologists from Victoria University of Wellington, in New Zealand, produced their own seismic waves using dynamite to discover the unusual layer of rock.
Italy-based CoeLux’s artificial skylight (pictured) mimics the visual appearance of the sun and sky using a solid layer of nanoparticles that produce Rayleigh scattering.
The research was led by Yahoo Labs in California. Experts used a form of machine learning known as a deep convolutional neural network to train a computer to spot features in a database of images.
In a blog post, the Korean firm said: 'With our upcoming Galaxy smartphones, users will be able to enter a new wireless world like never before.' A wireless charging plate is pictured.
Greenland is the 66th country to be added to Google's Street View mapping service and highlights include the Illulissat icefjord (pictured), and a statue of missionary Hans Egede in Nuuk.
Dutch designers have unveiled a radical new way to harvest power from wind withoug blades - using a giant 'floating wheel'.
Sony today released its take on Google Glass - a set of thick, black glasses complete with a black control cable - all for $840.
Researchers at the University of Portsmouth believe it is even stronger than the silk spiders use to make webs, until now thought weight for weight to be the world’s toughest biological material.
The technology, developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, could lead to lamps that turn on by bending the cable, or radios that switch off when the cables are kicked.
Byron Bay beekepers have created a hi-tech hive that can extract honey at the touch of a button using special 'split' frames.
Mars One project - which aims to send people to live on Mars - has whittled down its shortlist of candidates from more than 200,000 to just 50 men and 50 women, a third of them Americans.
Scientists from the Geomar Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research in Germany have stumbled on the largest patch of these mysterious manganese nodules ever found in the Atlantic.
A study by the University at Buffalo claims that people are far more motivated by seeing their friends do well with a diet, than listening to endorsements by celebrities such Miley Cyrus.
EE (logo shown) has revealed its manifesto to improve network coverage in the UK using ballons and unmanned drones. They want more than 99% of the country to have 4G by 2017.
Texan blogger, Karen Cheng, wanted to show that not all Tinder men are bad – and set up a trap to lure in men from San Francisco and New York to prove her point.
Researchers from The University of Manchester and Liverpool John Moores University were among those to look at the cloud of gas (shown) approximately 800 light-years from Earth.
From this week onwards, people in the US will be able to use Google’s information to ask about their ailments. It is believed that one in every 20 Google searches are for health-related information.
A biologist at the University of Tennesse observed playing behaviour in 10 different species of crocodile and alligator in the wild and in zoos around the world.
Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania tested 10 best-selling apps and fitness gadgets by using them to count the steps taken by volunteers walking on treadmills (stock image).
A new series of equations by scientists in Canada and India claims to show the Big Bang never took place by combining general relativity with quantum mechanics.
The Stirio clamp (pictured) was designed by a team of inventors at Oslo-based firm Unikia. The wireless gadget is rechargeable, can be taken apart to clean.
Questionnaires often include more than 100 questions, and are used in dozens of states, including Arkansas.
The image was tweeted by Baltimore-born Nasa astronaut, Terry Virts, who is living on the ISS. Ingredients included beef patties, Russian mustard, tomato paste, cheese paste and tortilla.
A team of archaeologists at Arizona University used well-preserved hair strands to study the diets of 14 individuals unearthed at the Paracas Necropolis of Wari Kayan, on the coast of Peru.
The research, led by the Chemical and Veterinary Research Office in Karlsruhe, Germany, suggests that the risk of cannabis may have been overestimated in the past.
Bing successfully predicted best picture, best director, best actor, best actress, and the results for supporting actor and actress out of the top awards for the 2015 Oscars.
text Watch the sun set on MARS in new Nasa video
Tue, 24 Feb 2015 17:37:44 GMT
Dust in the Martian atmosphere scatters red light making the sunset appear blue. Opportunity has experienced 3,940 sunsets during its mission to Mars.
Users can sign up to Magic’s service, which is currently only available in the US, by texting 408-217-1721 and store the number on their phone for future use.
Physicists at the University of Oxford have grown a replica of the Imperial State Crown and the Duchess of Cambridge’s engagement ring, in a simple experiment that can be tried at home.
Twitter users began complaining about the bug with the Californian firm's email service at the weekend and more reports emerged yesterday. Google has apologised and said it is investigating.
Around 130 birds have been injured while entering an area of concentrated solar energy created by the 110-megawatt Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project near Tonopah, Nevada.
The International Cocoa Quarantine Centre in West London is designed to nurture quarantined cocoa plants so that they can be shared with cocoa-producing countries.
The concept (illustrated) was designed by Bristol-based Kinneir Dufort uses Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology to convert online designs into numbers, similar to coordinates on a graph.
Scientists at Santa Fe Institute in New Mexico studied 4,000 Mayan and Aztec settlements to find that they appear to have expanded according to the same socioeconomic rules as modern cities.
The first car to be sold with a fully-functioning version of Apple's CarPlay (pictured) was Ferrari's FF. California-based Google has teamed up with 28 brands and the first cars should arrive this year.
Robear was developed by the Riken-SRK in Nagoya, Japan. It can lift (pictured) a 12 stone 8lb (80kg) person and its sensors detect a person's weight so the arms know how much force is needed.
British scientists have developed the houses that use specific wavelengths of light to improve the growing speed, taste and even the shelf life of fruits and vegetables.
San Francisco firm Hello says its Sense contains sensors that can monitor everything from air quality to noise, and tell owners how they slept - and how to sleep better.
Scientists at the University of California, Irvine, created a material that changes how it reflects infrared light when stretched. It could result in new camouflage clothing for soldiers.
However washing dishes by hand leaves some bacteria on crockery, which helps keep a child's immune system strong, say scientists from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden.
The revelation comes from University of Oslo researchers who say they have compelling evidence that outbreaks of the plague can be traced back to great gerbils from central Asia.
The Cupertino-based company has also added a wider range of country flags under the Travel and Places tab, with this emoji set now including flags from 32 countries.
The largest treasure trove ever discovered off Israel's Mediterranean coast has been uncovered by scuba divers who won't get a penny.
Researchers from University of Washington analysed some of the oldest, best-preserved rocks on Earth and found chemical evidence that microbes lived on nitrogen 3.2 billion years ago.
Photographer Matthew Smith captured the bluebottles (pictured) on camera at Bass Point Cove in New South Wales, Australia.
Kurt Fristrup, a scientist with the US National Park Service, said our obsession with wearing earphones to block out life around us could create a ‘learned deafness’ and a ‘generational amnesia’.
The patent (pictured) is called 'Head-mounted display apparatus for retaining a portable electronic device with display' and was filed by the Californian firm in September 2008.
text Thank JELLYFISH for your brains!
Tue, 17 Feb 2015 18:04:51 GMT
Scientists at Penn State University traced the evolution of genes that enabled neurons to send electrical signals and found they first appeared around 600 million years ago.
The Zipperbot (pictured) was designed by MIT researcher Adam Whiton.It uses optical sensors to automatically open and close, as well as motion sensors to detect and respond to movement.
Davide Dominoni, of Glasgow University said that light from street lamps, takeaway signs and homes is disrupting the birds’ biological clocks.
Penguins lost three of the five basic tastes—sweet, bitter and the savoury, meaty taste known as umami—more than 20 million years ago, Michigan researchers have found.
Researchers at Woods Hole Research Centre in Massachusetts found that forest fires can cause significant cooling by increasing the amount of sunlight reflected off the landscape.
The technology was created by biologists from Harvard University. It produces hydrogen from solar energy, which is then fed to a bacterium and engineered to make isopropanol.
Billed as 'the world’s first drone circus,' it is to be held is to be held in the Netherlands at the Amsterdam Arena later this year.
While most of the delta plain of the Mississippi River Delta is losing ground, new land is forming in Atchafalaya Bay, Nasa images show.
Maryland-based YouTuber, Charles Lohr, explains in his video how he built the device using a chip, LED light, 3D software and a CNC milling machine.
text Could spider venom be the next Viagra?
Tue, 17 Feb 2015 00:29:49 GMT
Building on a University of Wisconsin study, researchers from around the world are hoping to harvest PnTx2-6 - the active ingredient in spider's venom - which acts as a natural Viagra.
The European Southern Observatory has revealed an amazing image (shown) taken above an observatory in Chile. The montage reveals an array of cosmic phenomena.
Made from toughened plastic, Windermere-based Lakeland's pressure cooker is safe to use in the microwave, meaning home chefs can combine the speed of the two cooking methods.
Mark Burnett, from Utah, claims his move to publish the data is for research purposes and he is worried that it may incur the wrath of the FBI.
John Collins and Joe Ayoob hold the record for the farthest flight by a paper aircraft. Their ‘Suzanne’ model flew 226 feet 10 inches (69.14 metres) in 2012 in California.
Rhoda Alexander, an analyst at market researcher IHS, said the plans were already well advanced and the 'megapad' could be released later this year.
Analysts said that there was ‘a lot of junk’ on YouTube and that the large number of young users did not buy anything from the adverts. Google bought the site for $1.7billion.
Hyperloop Transportation Technologies has secured land for the first full-scale Hyperloop with a 2016 launch in the California town of Quay Valley.
The 360° video calling with Virtual Reality (VR) headsets will be on display at next week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. It uses a Giroptic 360cam (pictured) with an Oculus Rift.
The track-only car has 800 brake horse power and is built for ‘extreme performance’ according to the Warwickshire-based firm, which will make only 24 of the limited edition Vulcans.
The latest images were taken at nearly 29,000 miles (46,000km) from Ceres. Nasa scientists suggest the spots may be frozen pools of ice at the bottom of a crater that reflect light.
The Federal Communications Commission in Washington today approved the net neutrality plan which will impose the toughest rules yet on internet service providers.
Canadian Tyler Skrabek has created a chart (shown) of 51 of the world's most influential rockets. Shown in height order, they include Russia's hugely reliable Soyuz rocket.
Apple hopes that adding real time features to its Maps app it can steal a march on Google. It is believed the firm will roll out more of the tricks around the world.
Apple has sent out invitations for a media event in San Francisco on March 9, about one month before the much-anticipated launch of the new Apple Watch.
EXCLUSIVE: The US physicist explained to MailOnline that scientists have learned more about the brain in the last 15 years than we have in the rest of human history.
The sparsely populated Northern Rockies would be the best place escape to in the event of a zombie outbreak in the United States, according to scientists at Cornell University.
Psychologists from Stanford University Graduate School of Business, California, suggest people are willing to take risks because they believe God will protect them from harm.
The record rise in sea levels north of New York City is being described as an ‘unprecedented’ one in 850-year event, while Portland, Maine (shown) experienced an even bigger rise.
Google scientists in California have revealed AI software that can do better than humans on dozens of Atari video games from the 1980s, like video pinball, boxing, and 'Breakout.'
A study by the University of California-Davis found a link between neutered Golden retrievers (stock image) and incidences of osteosarcoma - a rare bone cancer and mast cell cancer.
Sesame, made by Silicon Valley start-up Candy House will make keys history by allowing you to open your front door with a secret knock, or a single tap on their smartphone app.
Geneticists at the University of Copenhagen found that sea mammals like the manatee, killer whale and walrus evolved separately from the ancestors of some surprising land mammals.
Beam, made by Los Angeles based Beam Labs, allows you to watch movies, play games and browse the internet on your ceiling, work surfaces and dinner table, and fits into any light socket.
Swiss pilot Andre Borschberg took off from Abu Dhabi and completed the first test flight of his Solar Impulse 2 plane (pictured) ahead of next month's round-the-world trip.
Mr Sergio Canavero said he will be able to perform the first head transplant to help paralysed people such as actor Christopher Reeves (pictured) regain a better quality of life.
Senebkay lived at a time when rulers battled for power before the rise of Egypt’s New Kingdom in 1,550 BC. His skeleton shows 18 injuries inflicted by axes.
Researchers at Harvard University played the recordings to 20 preterm babies of their mothers' heartbeat, singing and reading stories to mimic the noises experienced in the womb.
Instapray (pictured) was developed by San Francisco-based Fryderyk Ovcaric to be a 'safe, online community' that is 'free of the overwhelming negativity present across much of the web'.
The results were collated by Laura Wattenberg, founder of New York-based BabyNameWizard.com who asked tens of thousands of visitors to rate names for sexiness.
Scientists at the University of Surrey showcased their new 5G technology, which is 65,000 times faster than current 4G technology. You could download a movie (stock image shown) in a split second.
The Brainflight technology was demonstrated at an event in Lisbon. A ‘pilot’ fitted with a EEG cap flew and landed a drone using bespoke software that converted his brainwaves into drone commands.
The molars were taken as souvenirs from King's John tomb at Worcester Cathedral in 1979. A thumb bone, reportedly belonging to King John, will also go on display for the British Library exhibition.
Roscosmos, Russia's space agency, said it would launch the manned missions after reviving its lunar programme with unmanned spacecraft.
Highly processed foods like chocolate, pizza and French fries really are addictive, Michigan researchers have claimed - and say overeaters could be treated like drug addicts.
Berkeley scientists have witnessed carbon dioxide trapping heat in the atmosphere above the United States, and say it 'confirms the science of climate change'.
The ethical hacking demo was carried out by Betsy Davies (pictured) from Dulwich, south London, and virtual private network provider HMA to highlight just how vulnerable public Wi-Fi networks are.
On two separate occasions this month, alien hunters claim to have spotted mysterious objects appearing on their screens before the live feed from Houston-based Nasa disappears
Called red flag,  this year it included aircraft and personnel from 21 different U.S. military squadrons, as well as the Royal Australian Air Force and the United Kingdom's Royal Air Force.
Scientists at Bar-Ilan University in Israel say the experiment suggests that the Higgs particle could be detected without the huge amounts of energy used at by the Large Hadron Collider.
The part plane and part airship was designed in 2010, but budget cuts have left it sitting in hanger in Bedfordshire. The UK government now hopes to use it to deliver cargo worldwide.
Fisher Price has revealed the first app controlled cradle. It allows to parents to automatically set to the cradle rocking and even play music to calm their offspring remotely.
Researchers from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden discovered the number of unknown types of brain cells in mice, including a nerve cell. A stock image of human brain cells is pictured.
Biologists at University of Regensburg, Germany, found common black garden ants defecate in select areas of their nests and may even use their faeces as fertiliser to grow fungi that they eat.
text Could DARK MATTER lead to our demise?
Thu, 19 Feb 2015 18:11:47 GMT
A scientist at New York University claims that as the Earth passes through clusters of dark matter in our galaxy it may throw comets into our solar system and heat up the core of our planet.
From singing to fancy dress, the rejected audition tapes for the Dutch-based Mars One project reveal the reality TV ambitions of some of the early hopefuls vying to get a one-way ticket to the red planet.
A company in Montreal, Canada, is behind the Neptune Duo, which comprises two parts - a ‘Hub’ that is worn on the wrist and a 5-inch touch display for looking at maps, for example.
The comments were made by Facebook's head of products Chris Cox at Recode's Code Media in California. He didn't go into detail about how the apps would work or when they will be released.
The California firm is calling for the changes to be debated by Congress. The proposal wants to amend Rule 41 which specifically governs the issue of search warrants.
SkyProwler is being developed by Arizona-based group Krossblade. As well as being a plane, it has four propellers that allow it to perform vertical take-offs and landings, and to hover in mid-air.
A study led by the University of Stirling, Scotland, found that personality changes as the result of unemployment, make it harder for unemployed people to find new jobs.
Researchers from the University of Montreal, Canada, have just shown how humanity's predisposition to disease gradually decreases the more we mix our genetic material together.
An expert from Buckingham-based Pen Test Partners used a network inspection tool called Wireshark. This revealed what data was captured and sent from a Samsung TV to the web.
Scientists in Colorado have revealed new images of the Pluto system. In the images (shown) taken by New Horizons, the tiny moons Nix (orange) and Hydra (yellow) can be seen in orbit.
Samsung has bought Massachusetts-based startup LoopPay in a bid to create a competitor to Apple Pay.
Scientists have carried out successful tests of the nanoparticles in mice and hope soon to conduct the first patient trials. Each tiny particle is 1,000 times smaller than the tip of a human hair.
Dubbed 'On', the 63-inch (160cm) loop of tape claims to accurately measure users and then transmit that data via Bluetooth to a smartphone. It has been developed by Italian company XYZE.
The Audi TTS dubbed 'Shelley' has been programmed to race on its own at speeds above 120 mph at Thunderhill Raceway Park in Northern California beat the track's boss by 0.4 seconds.
Astronomers at the Complutense University of Madrid and the University of Cambridge say these planets are changing the position of objects well beyond Neptune.
The image, released by the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, also shows Jupiter’s moon, Ganymede in the upper right appearing as a rainbow, due to its movement between shots.
A study by the University of Southern California found that Washington, D.C. Metro and public transport systems in Boston, Philadelphia and Chicago has the most negative tweets in the US.
Although its smartphones won't be available, Xiaomi unveiled plans to test the U.S. market by selling inexpensive headphones and other accessories online at a San Francisco event.
Google's Japan team set up the phones to sing at an exhibition, connecting 300 smartphones and tablets with 300 different Android characters to sing the same song.
The tool was built by Michigan-based Luke Rehmann. He advises people to only search for the first four characters to prevent the details being stored on their browser's auto-complete list.
Scientists at Duke University have found that our closest relatives are just as susceptible to positive spin as humans and may help to explain the roots of our own 'glass half full' thinking.
Home Improvisation (pictured) was developed by students at Atlanta’s Global Game Jam event. It is described as the ‘world’s most fun and accurate co-operative furniture assembly experience’.
For Sale groups on the Californian social network let people advertise unwanted goods to other members. Facebook's new tools (pictured) let users mark posts as Available or Sold and set prices.
The patent (pictured) was filed by the Californian firm in 2012 and awarded this week. It details a sensor that detects physical activity and emits odours using a built-in fragrance dispenser and a fan.
Elon Musk (pictured) said the Californian firm has designed a Tesla ‘home battery’ that is expected to go into production by the summer. It could act as a generator during a power cut, for example.
These photographs of the phenomenon were taken on Friday night at Freshwater Bay on the Isle of Wight and in Derbyshire.
Dogs remember whether a person is trustworthy and decides whether to follow their orders based on their opinion of the human, scientists at Kyoto University, in Japan, believe.
People in their 20s are affected by adolescent hyper activity and can be described as 'kidults', scientists have said. Previously such adolescent effects on the brain were thought to peak at 15.
The plan, put together by scientists at the Seti (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Institute in California, has been trumpeted as a major step in humanity's exploration of space.
Researchers at Michigan University found that the pain of rejection lasts longer because the brain cells of people with depression release less of stress-relieving natural opioids.
At the time this image was taken, the comet was passing about 51 million miles (82 million km) from Earth. It was captured by the Dark Energy Camera, the world's most powerful digital camera.
A 'source close to the matter' said that the Californian firm's Android Pay will let companies to add mobile payments option to apps. Users will then be able to upload card details to one location.
Scientists in Dresden, Germany, believe the gene arose in humans after our ancient ancestors and those of chimps split from the same evolutionary path more than five million years ago.
Brazilian scientists have discovered remote stars forming in the Milky Way (telescope image shown). They are the most distant stars ever to be seen forming in the galaxy.
Researchers at the University of Lincoln tested how cats search for food by placing them in a maze and presenting them with pictures or smells that would lead them to treats.
Now it appears one of Samsung's own ads has been leaked, revealing the two handsets the firm hope can topple the iPhone ahead of its unveiling in Barcelona on Sunday.
The unusual tracking technique, dubbed PowerSpy, was invented by researchers at Stanford University in California and Israel's defence research group, Rafael.
Florida-based Magic Leap says its system operates by shining images on your retinas, creating an augmented reality which combines fictional characters with the real world.
Instead of a dedicated headset, astronaut Terry Virts posted a picture of Nasa's lower tech solution - a laptop strapped to his face.
A team from Oxford University's Future of Humanity Institute and the Global Challenges Foundation has come up with the first scientific assessment of the apocalyptic risks we face.
An inventor from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne said the lenses that when paired with special glasses, the lenses could help people with macular degeneration.
If you've ever struggled to find a bracelet that matches your favourite outfit, the Hungarian Liber8 bracelet is actually a large e-ink screen similar to those found in electronic books.
The New York-based music streaming service found that 'Intro' by The xx and Hozier's From Eden were most popular songs to listen to while having sex, following a study of 2.5 million playlists.
Women are expected to benefit the most because almost a third do not have a licence, compared with just one in seven men. Others likely to gain include the disabled, the elderly and even children.
More than 100 mobile phone apps secretly leak information about the user’s battery power, which can be used to calculate their location with alarming precision, experts have claimed.
Google has launched a much anticipated version of its YouTube app aimed at children. The app contains content from DreamWorksTV, Jim Henson TV and National Geographic.
The first of three spacewalks planned for Nasa astronauts Barry 'Butch' Wilmore and Terry Virts over the coming week saw an unprecedented number of selfies.
The University of Cadiz in Spain used synthetic analogues of marijuana on an animal tongue and found the they inhibit the information that reaches these neurons via synapses.
The service, called Hotel Wi-fi Test, has tested hundreds of hotels in cities, such as New York and Paris and lets people name and shame resorts with poor internet connections.
Satellite images have revealed four new craters have appeared in the Yamal peninsula close to a major gas plant, leading experts to call for an urgent investigation into the phenomenon.
text Could we soon have man-made blood?
Mon, 23 Feb 2015 17:50:27 GMT
Scientists at Tuft University in Massachusetts grew bone marrow on structures made from silk and were able to generate functioning blood cells responsible for causing blood clots.
A treasure hunter has come across an ancient Egyptian seal that appears to be more than 3,000 years old among people’s discarded junk in a charity shop in Hertfordshire.
Researchers from Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg used personality questionnaires to study the traits of 94 teachers and 293 of their students. The teachers then rated students individually.
Women whose index finger was short compared to their ring finger were more likely to have what was regarded as a traditionally male job, the National Research University in Russia found.
The California-based site said the future of the site hinges on videos, private messaging and customised timelines. The last major design change was in April 2014 (pictured).
Scientists at the University of Texas have found the Eastern tiger swallowtail has an unusual number of genes responsible for releasing powerful chemicals compared to other butterflies.
EXCLUSIVE: London-based TV production company, Endemol, told MailOnline that it will not be working with Mars One to document the training of colonists who aim to live on Mars from 2025.
Evidence has been found that humans living more than 3million years ago may have looked after and even helped each other to survive before they learned to speak and developed intelligence.
The hack was carried out by Jerusalem-based Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh. He used an iOS feature called Apple Notification Center Service (ANCS) to link a Moto 360 via Bluetooth.
Pedius (pictured) was created by Italian developer Lorenzo Di Ciaccio. A user types a message that is translated to speech in real time. The recipient's response is then translated into text.
Divers discovered the 'incredibly well preserved' fossils in three caves in Tsimanampesotse National Park on the west coast of Madagascar, but scientists are baffled how they came to be in the caves.
A Netherlands study determined the mummy was of Buddhist master Liuquan, who belonged to the Chinese Meditation School. Scan also found scraps of paper covered in Chinese writing.
Volvo aims to put 100 of its self-driving cars (illustrated) on real roads in Gothenburg, Sweden, as soon as 2017 and members of the public will be behind the wheel.
Dole Japan has revealed their bizarre Wearable Banana (shown). The tech-laden fruit has an LED screen on its peel. This can tell you your heart rate, race time and display messages.
The cream was created by a PhD student at Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia, and makes use of the natural healing process that takes place after skin is tattooed in the first place.
Colorado-based app, MassRoots. announced that Apple has agreed to allow the app back in the store just three months after the ban was enforced, but only for users in 23 states.
Dr Milton Wainwright from the University of Sheffield found a tiny titanium ball the width of a human hair oozing biological material in samples taken by a balloon 16 miles up in the atmosphere.
text The mysterious giant clouds spotted on Mar
Mon, 16 Feb 2015 19:00:11 GMT
Astronomers at the University of the Basque Country in Bilbao, Spain say the plumes could be an aurora, similar to the shimmering light show that develops in Earth's atmosphere.
The dig of the ancient Egyptian worker’s village at Deir el-Medina (pictured) is being led by Stanford archaeologist Anne Austin. It was built for workmen who made royal tombs in the New Kingdom.
Scientists at Arizona State University are trialing a farming technique that mimics the migratory grazing patterns of wild bison and deer by giving fields time to recover after a herd moves on.
The Silicon Valley-based firm behind Scanadu Scout (pictured) won funding on crowd funding site Kickstarter and the first batch of devices were shipped in January.
The ancient seeds (pictured) were found in an ancient rubbish dump at Halutza in the Negev – a semi desert region of southern Israel.
Researchers at the University of Pisa, Italy, believe the circular marks are the only evidence that small drills were used to collect skull powder for medicinal purposes in the 18th century.
Linguist Dan Jurafsky of Stanford University, in California, said that people who post online reviews might think they are writing about food but they are actually revealing their psychological state.
Professor Alan Robock, from Rutgers University in New Jersey, has told how he got a mysterious phone call asking whether foreign countries could be triggering droughts or flooding.
Minnesota researchers found boys who are more aggressive tend to be stronger when they reach their teens - and say it could be that aggressive boys engage in activities that develop strength.
Scientists at the University of Florida conducted a study on 24 people that found starving the body allows it to respond better to stress that might otherwise damage it.
Nasa researchers say 130 billion tons of ice (118 billion metric tons) per year for the past decade - enough ice melt to fill more than 1.3 million Olympic swimming pools.
The new headquarters are a series of 'canopylike bubbles' from Heatherwick Studio, a London design firm known for works like the fiery cauldron at the 2012 Olympics.
Images have shown how many glaciers in southern Alaska have retreated since the late 18th Century (pictured). Some are seen retreating by several miles in just over 100 years.
Reports claim the California-based site will start banning abusive users by tracking email addresses and numbers. If a user attempts to sign up using these details Twitter will be able to intervene.
Two new species of peacock spider have been discovered in Queenstown, Australia, nicknamed Skeletorus and Sparklemuffin (pictured) - and they have a bizarre dancing ritual.
The Roc aircraft, which has a wingspan of 385 feet (117 metres) will be powered by six 747-class engines, and is currently being assembled at Mojave, California.
Scientists at Kyoto University in Japan found that whales and dolphins lost the ability to taste sweet, bitter and umami while they are also unable to smell if their food has gone off.
Archaeologists excavating buildings in the ancient Mayan city of Xultan in the rain forests of Peten, north west Guatemala, discovered a building with murals covering three walls.
This image of the two-tone dress has become an online sensation, with posts arguing over the dress's original colors - and science behind the debate - being viewed and shared millions of times.
The Hail Protector (pictured) from Texas-based Michael Siciliano inflates in five minutes to surround a car. Air flows for the duration of a storm to stop stones hitting a chassis.
The Acuvue Define lenses have a pigment inside that helps to define the border around the iris, known as the limbal ring.
Samsung's Galaxy S6 has been leaked online ahead of its official unveiling on Sunday, and will come in two versions, one with a curved screen the covers both sides, according to the images.
Geologists at the University of Pittsburgh studied sediment from Lake Erhai in Yunnan in south west China and found pollution from heavy metals were four times modern levels.
A Youtube user has revealed a secret Easter Egg in the Tesla Model S car. The US company included a 'James Bond' dashboard mode that turns into an underwater spy car (shown).
The video was uploaded by Polish YouTube user Marcin Zając. It features a wandering violin mantis fighting a thumb. Once antagonised, the insect (pictured) stands tall to make it appear larger.
As Arctic sea ice melts, new regions with unknown populations of fish will open up to fisherman (stock image shown). The House of Lords Arctic Committee said the UK must get involved.
Archaeologists at the University of Warwick isolated DNA from sediment off the coast of the Isle of Wight and found evidence of wheat dating from 2,000 years before farming arrived in Britain.
Scientists at Stockholm University in Sweden say compared to humans, animals don't remember specific events, but instead tend to retain useful information that could help them survive.
Archaeologists excavating the former Bridges Garages site in Cirencester said it is rare to find tombstones and remains in the same location and believe it is the first find of its kind in the UK.
The San Francisco social network's new system allows concerned friends to to report content for review, and Facebook can then offer the user more help.
Nasa teamed up with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (Jaxa) to compile data from a network of 12 satellites, and record results at three hour intervals over one year.
Facebook users who don't fit any of the 58 gender identity options offered by the social media giant are now being offered the chance to 'fill in the blank'.
text Rosetta's comet in amazing detail
Fri, 23 Jan 2015 18:47:55 GMT
US and European scientists have revealed amazing new images of comet 67P Churyumov/Gerasimenko (shown), taken by the Rosetta spacecraft over the last few months.
Nasa scientists in California have revealed images showing 'recent' flowing water on the surface of Vesta (shown). Gulleys were seen down the walls of a crater on the large asteroid.
Chicago researchers found recruiters rated candidates as more competent, thoughtful and intelligent when they heard the pitch than when they read it -- even when the words used were exactly the same.
Each of the shrines in Gegharot is made up of a single room holding a clay bowl filled with smaller ash and ceramic artefacts. Traces of grape and a stimulant similar to Ephedra were discovered.
Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh studied 70 popular alcohol-related videos on YouTube looking to see how alcohol was depicted, and in what context it was shown. Stock image pictured.
EXCLUSIVE: Dutch entrepreneur Bas Lansdorp (pictured) spoke to MailOnline. He answered questions on the legitimacy of the Mars One mission - but failed to address serious concerns.
A pair of designers has created what they believed Samsung's Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge will look like, based on the latest leaks.
Atlanta-based TBS is believed to have sped up sitcom reruns of 'Seinfeld' (pictured), and New York-based Viacom Inc's TV Land used the same tactic with 'Friends' reruns.
Scientists from all over the world are exploring Antarctica looking for alien-like creatures, hints of pollution trapped in ancient ice, leftovers from the Big Bang and signs of unstoppable melting.
A new study led by Dr Michael Osterholm, director of the US Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy concludes 'aerosol transmission in relatively close proximity remains plausible'.
Palaeontologist Dean Lomax discovered the fossil in the collection at Doncaster University where it had lain forgotten for 30 years after being found on the Jurassic Coast of Dorset.
By studying radar data, researchers from Northern Illinois University found that urbanised areas such as Atlanta are 5% more likely to be hit by thunderstorms than rural areas of the same size.
HideMyPhone! (HMP!) was developed by London-based privacy experts at HideMyAss! It can be used on multiple devices and there is also no limit to the amount of numbers a user can rent.
A professor of the University of Washington College of Built Environments, said the changes are happening faster than previously thought.
Bloomberg has claimed that Apple could have a car ready by 2020, based on images of a test car (shown). The California-based tech giant is thought to be preparing to enter the automobile industry.
The malware was spotted by Amsterdam-based AVG. It is installed when the user downloads infected apps. When the power button is pressed, malware makes the phone appear to shut down.
Scientists at the University of Cincinnati studying ways of improving the screens on ebook readers have said that our vision of greyscale is more limited than some suggest.
New York-based Spotify admits it had to change its playlist algorithm to be less random in order to trick its users into hearing what they believed to be random songs.
Dermatologists at Yale University found that energy from UV light is absorbed by the pigment melanin that later causes damage to the DNA after dark.
Professor Hawking (pictured) was speaking at London's Science Museum. He said space travel is vital to the future of the human race. And he also said anger should be replaced by empathy
In one of the most comprehensive studies of body size evolution ever conducted, Stanford scientists say animal lineages tend to evolve toward larger sizes over time.
Spanish researchers have unveiled software that can scan a video and pinpoint exactly where it was shot. They say the system could help locate execution sites.
PDS 456, an extremely bright black hole known as a quasar more than 2 billion light-years away, sustains winds that carry more energy every second than is emitted by more than a trillion suns.
The 'Introjis', created by California-based artist Rebecca Evie Lynch, are designed to help introverts let loved ones know that they need their own space without providing a reason or excuse.
Esthechoc was developed from research originating at Cambridge University and will be unveiled at next month’s Global Food Innovation Summit in London.
Biologists from Plymouth University scoured records dating back to the 1960s, and found scientific evidence of 395 species that had ingested or become entangled in rubbish.
Scientists at Oxford University say that sediments in Oman reveal our ancestors left Africa on a journey to southern Asia around 75,000 to 130,000 years ago, during multiple phases.
Several users, including Dana Lone Hill, Shane and Jacqui Creepingbear and Parmelee Kills The Enemy have had their accounts suspended or even deleted by the Silicon Valley social network.
Scientists made the discovery after analysing sediments found beneath Salt Pond in Massachusetts. They say climate change may cause such storms to return.
Scientists at the University of Washington and the University of California examined why people in East Asia carry 15 to 20 per cent more Neanderthal DNA than those in Europe.
Mattel and Google unveiled the new View-Master in New York, which will will use Google Cardboard technology for 3D scenes when it goes on sale in autumn.
The remains (pictured) of a man and woman were found in Diros Caves, Greece. Analysis has revealed the bones date to around 3,800BC and the couple were in their twenties when they died.
US company Guardbot Inc is developing an autonomous drone shaped like a sphere. Called GuardBot (shown) it has cameras on either side so it can be steered.
In New York-based Time, Eliana Dockterman claims the Fifty Shades of Grey film (still pictured) won't be as popular as the book because women respond to written and visual sexual stimulus.
Dr Vinton Cerf, vice president of Google, warned that as operating systems and software get upgraded, documents and images stored using older technology are becoming increasingly inaccessible.
Spanish users send the most love-related stickers on Viber. A separate study also found Spanish is the most positive language. Spanish couple Javier Bardem (left) and Penelope Cruz pictured
Film maker Josh Zeman from Los Angeles, California, is behind a Kickstarter campaign to find 52, who has been singing at an unusually high frequency for 20 years.
A US inventor has created a microwave that monitors food temperature. It uses an infrared camera to display temperature data on a screen (image of prototype shown).
Researchers say the current mega-drought in the US (image shown) is going to get worse this century. They say there will be more and more droughts starting in 2050.
Scientists at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna say their finding could help to explain the 'extraordinary bond' between dogs and humans.
Dr Chris Mason and colleagues from Weill Cornell Medical College found 67 bacteria species associated with diseases among more than 15,000 different types of microbes at 466 stations.
A French inventor has unveiled a Star Wars-inspired quadcopter (shown). The drone itself cost about £750, but the modifications were under £20.