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Missouri team has already used Google Earth images to assess the demographic health of a village of isolated people on the border between Brazil and Peru.
text Facebook boasts a billion mobile users
Thu, 24 Apr 2014 00:45:17 GMT
Facebook now has over a billion regular mobile users, the firm has revealed as record breaking results were announced.
Facebook's plan to buy VR firm Oculus in a $2bn deal has been approved, regulators said today.
First described and named by submarine personnel in the 1960s who thought it sounded like a duck, US researchers have now traced the sound to whales.
Johns Hopkins scientists found and blocked molecule that causes cholesterol to build up in rabbits and mice.
iPad sales have fallen 16% from last year to 16.4 million, Apple's results revealed - but iPhone sales have soared.
US researchers have found that the so-called 'bloatware' is rarely used by consumers, with many spending just seconds on the apps before deciding to use downloaded versions instead.
Researchers from New York studied the healthy blood cells of a 115-year-old woman. They found over 400 mutations, but discovered her body 'tolerated' them.
California-based Google collected historical Street View imagery dating back to 2007, when the service launched.
Researchers from Massachusetts have found the Y chromosome plays a vital role in the differences between the sexes in terms of health and disease.
New research has tracked the success of managers over the last 40 years. It compiles data for 528 managers across English football's four divisions.
Researchers in California found that most people support hierarchy when they think they're attractive and oppose it when they think they're not.
Researchers from Uppsala University have opened a small box containing the skull and bones of the king who became a national saint after he was murdered in 1160.
Dr. Timothy Jay's new study monitored swearing in children and adults. He found that kids from one to 12 years old picked up taboo language with ease.
A German company called Biozoon has developed 3D-printed gel food. Known as 'Smoothfood', the 'Performance' project was funded by the EU
Hong Kong-based architects OVA Studio said its concept could offer lots of advertising opportunities, although there are no plans to build the hotel yet.
Experts are concerned that the Drigg Low Level Waste Repository (pictured) near Sellafield will be eroded by rising sea levels in a few hundred to a few thousand years' time.
The University of Colorado, Denver study found the top five kinds of people are unfriended are: High school friends, 'other', a friend of a friend, work colleagues and 'common interest friends.'
The Lytro Illum camera allows users to create interactive images that can have their focus altered at the click of a mouse.
Emissions from the French capital could be blown over by strong south easterly winds until Friday, according to the Met Office
New research by Cornell University suggests children are rowdier when not eating cut food. They were up to twice as aggressive when using front teeth to eat.
A new skyscraper in China will have the fastest ultra-high-speed elevator. The Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre is due for completion in 2016.
Researchers in Massachusetts used a technique known as Crispr to correct a single ‘letter’ of the genetic alphabet in diseased mice.
Mobile firm Flurry analysed how much people were opening apps it tracks - and says more than 60 times makes you an app addict.
German researchers say anatomically modern humans spread from Africa to Asia and Europe in several migrations, with the first beginning 130,00 years ago.
Twitter has made its controversial redesign available to all users for the first time.
The Korean system has set a new record fo sending power through the air - and is even able to power a TV.
The study, carried out at the University of Sussex, suggest that women only preferred better musicians as short-term lovers - not as long-term partners.
Brooklyn artist Rachel Sussman spent a decade tracking down the oldest living organisms on the planet, photographing each one.
New research has revealed asteroids hit Earth more often than thought. The announcement was made by former astronauts at the B612 Foundation.
Rumours claim the tech giant is looking to team up with the Taiwanese firm to launch an 8-inch, or even 8.9-inch device, to rival Amazon's Kindle Fire HDX 8.9.
Korean firm Samsung is Apple has infringed a patent awarded in 1994 concerning video compression through its FaceTime app.
The video was filmed using a Phantom quadcopter from Chinese firm DJI. Vimeo user Gaspar C uploaded the clip, set to music from Arcade Fire.
Nasa researchers analysed samples from eight different carbon-rich meteorites and found vitamin B3 at levels ranging from about 30 to 600 parts-per-billion.
text Do elephants have a secret language?
Tue, 22 Apr 2014 16:22:25 GMT
Researchers from New York are analysing more than 300,000 hours of audio recorded using infrasonic microphones placed in the rainforests of Central Africa.
New research suggests a mountainous ridge on Iapetus came from the sky. Astronomers say normal geologic activity could not have made the feature.
The claims were made by Facebook's chief operating officer, Sheryl Sandberg during an interview with BBC Breakfast in London.
Global studies have revealed that when the amount of lead in the environment increased, there was a corresponding rise in violent crime two decades later.
Topcliffe Primary in Birmingham is the first in the country to use humanoid robots to help teach pupils with autism.
A team of students from the US and UK have developed tiny homes. Shaped like a mussel, they are designed for young adults and students.
text BB.Suit onesie comes with built-in Wi-Fi
Tue, 22 Apr 2014 12:04:42 GMT
Dutch designer Borre Akkersdijk wove copper wires into the fabric and left spaces for the the wire to be connected to chips including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS.
A Turkish design student has unveiled his revolutionary cast for patients. The 3D-printed cast enables injuries to be treated faster and more easily.
The Home Office's first Forensic Science Regulator claims that human error, partial prints and false positives mean that fingerprints evidence is not as reliable as is widely believed.
Martin Vargic, an amateur graphic designer from Slovakia, created the map to show the planet with sea levels around 260ft (79m) higher than they are today.
Harvard researchers found rhesus monkeys can not only differentiate between the symbols but also to add the values of two symbols at a time.
The team of international researchers was able to pinpoint an area extending from southern Puebla and northern Oaxaca to south eastern Veracruz.
Pictures taken in January and March show the change to the rover's solar panels - which Nasa said are now back to full power.
CEO Reed Hastings said the $1-$2 increase would pay for more original shows such as House of Cards (pictured).
The technique could one day be used to create rainstorms and even lighting on command, Florida researchers hope.
Eugene Kaspersky, co-founder and chief executive of Russia's Kaspersky Lab warned yesterday that infection from viruses is only a matter of time.
Irish researchers found graphene, a material expected to change the way electronics are made, can be manufactured using a blender and washing up liquid.
Researchers from Cambridge and around the world have studied how Peekaboo affects children's development.
text Aereo case could change the way we watch TV
Mon, 21 Apr 2014 21:55:29 GMT
The Supreme Court will hear arguments from TV giants trying to stop the New York startup from sending live TV to customers phones and tablets.
San Francisco firm is working to develop a military version of its off road electric motorcycle to transport soldiers.
Those who are tech savvy are also perceived as authoritative on other subjects and as leaders, the Vanderbilt team say.
Crimean photographer Sergey Anashkevych has captured some amazing images of salt flats in Crimea at the lake of Sivash, also known as the Rotten Sea.
Researchers in South Korea have created a system that translates water motion from a toilet flush into electricity to power the home.
The study, by global job site xpatjobs.com, also suggests we will have bionic implants that will make us able to perform tasks as fast as a machine.
The drop was captured by a live feed camera by The University of Queensland’s School of Mathematics and Physics, although it hasn’t yet entirely separated from its parent blob.
text Toyota takes on Tronwith car-bike hybrid FV2
Mon, 21 Apr 2014 15:33:26 GMT
The car giant Toyota has unveiled its futuristic FV2 automated bike design. Revealed at the New York Auto Show, it looks like something out of Tron.
The video shows a Common Hill Myna that is able to speak Japanese. The bird is known as Abe Chan and is owned by Satoko Ohno in Japan.
Designed by students at Liverpool University, the vehicle is encased in a lightweight carbon fibre shell with the rider cycling in a near-horizontal position.
An experiment known as the Cellbox Mission has been taken to the ISS. It was transported to the space station yesterday by Dragon cargo vehicle.
Car manufacturers are working on a system that will allow drivers to many of the internal controls by moving their hands close to sensor panels.
A car dash camera has captured the moment a meteor apparently streaks through the night sky above Murmansk, Russia, in scenes similar to the 2013 Cheyabinsk meteor which exploded.
A new image shows a mysterious aircraft flying over Kansas. Photographer Jeff Templin says it may have been as high as passenger jets.
The Nearby Friends feature uses your smartphone's GPS system to tell your Facebook friends you are nearby - provided that you both have the new feature turned on.
Scientists in Japan have discovered a cave-dwelling insect that has roles reversed. The female insects sport a 'penis' while the males have a 'vagina.'
Two rare ospreys known as Monty and Glesni spent the winter in Africa. But the BBC Springwatch regulars were aghast to return home and find squatters in their nest.
The orbiting spacecraft made a planned crash into the moon while travelling at speeds of 3,600 mph (5,800 kph).
Miles Jelfs, 27, from Bristol, says he can't afford the operation - which could involve a minor tuck or complete amputation - and is hoping well-wishers will donate to help him.
A 14-hour exposure of the night sky taken by the Hubble Space Telescope has been released by Nasa and Esa.
The Project Ara 'Grey Phone' will consist of a simple frame, screen, Wi-Fi connection and processor with users able to customise it with various plug-in modules.
Texas-based company Global Language Monitor analysed and catalogued the latest trends in word usage online, in blogs and the top 300,000 global media titles to make its list.
text Smells are the key to MEMORY
Thu, 17 Apr 2014 19:18:09 GMT
A Norwegian study claims the mind connects smells to memories by producing brain waves - the electrical signal from a large number of neurons – at a specific frequency.
The contract was discovered in Oxyrhynchus, in Egypt a century ago and has only just been translated by an expert at Kings College London.
Quantum computing could be used to make phone codes unbreakable. Researchers have made small servers that encode mobile phones.
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Famous 'jet wing' pilot Yves Rossy has been pioneering jetpack travel, and now a device called the Martin Jetpack could bring it to the masses.
Research has found women are more attracted to facial fuzz - as sported by stars including Russell Brand, David Beckham and George Clooney - when it is a fashion rarity, rather than the norm.
Photographer Andy Smith snapped these incredible shots of the International Space Station (ISS) in front of the moon yesterday.
If the 'water world' theory is true, it would mean that life could be more likely to exist on planets where it was previously thought unlikely to flourish, Nasa said.
The Rufus Cuff was designed in Los Angles and will have a large 3-inch screen as well as access to the web, apps and more via its Android operating system.
Ten teams of three designers were asked to design a museum, and researchers found those that generated more ideas had worse final products.
The developers hope hand scanning will become an alternative payment method for people if it is a success during trials in the city of Lund in southern Sweden.
The study by Frontiers in Psychology journal revealed when it came to picking a playmate, the babies seemed more tolerant of unfairness when a white child benefited from it.
Australian researchers say increased CO2 levels are impeding the senses of fish, meaning they cannot spot predators.
Stanford researchers found that achieving goals give us a far greater sense of satisfaction that abstract concepts of helping others.
The tragic scene was captured in the forests of Brazil as scientists tracked the couple, who had been committed partners for three-and-a-half years.
The ground-breaking experiment will study the impact of space travel on the human body in real time, measuring any changes that occur between the two brothers as they happen.
The paw prints were discovered at Blackfriars near Leicester city centre on the ancient floor tiles of a Corieltauvi townhouse.
Created by Austrian group Johammer, the electric bike uses a hub-mounted motor which provides 14 horsepower - enough for a top speed of 74mph.
Called Hawkeye, it uses high definition cameras on a plane to capture a 25-square-mile patch of Earth constantly for up to six hours.
The screenshots show newly redesigned icons in a version of Android called Moonshine - with a 'flat' appearance similar to Apple's iOS 7 redesign.
A recently formed ozone hole over the UK is allowing high levels of potentially harmful ultraviolet rays to travel through the atmosphere, increasing the risk of sunburn and skin cancer.
The IPCC report yesterday highlighted a number of barriers to using CSS, including fatal CO2 leaks, transport issues and operational risks, such as seismic tremors.
Researchers from the University of Maryland found that salamanders in the Appalachians today were nearly a tenth smaller than their ancestors in the Fifties.
Texas researchers say the bacteria known as Group A Streptococcus underwent four major genetic changes as it transformed into the bug that causes the killer disease necrotizing fasciitis.
The patent is believed to reveal Google's plan to shrink its controversial wearable computer to fit on a contact lens.
Canadian researchers found players of the computer game Starcraft reached their peak in terms of cognitive motor performance at 24.
Scientists at Cern in Geneva have confirmed the existence of a new 'exotic' particle using the Large Hadron Collider beauty (LHCb) detector.
New research looked into how likely people were to pick up their dog's poo. The study was carried out by the University of Central Lancashire.
A team at the University of Edinburgh is undertaking a £5 million project. The research has been looking at making red blood cells from stem cells.
Scientists claim ancient riverbeds on Mars were created by brief warm spells - but these would not have lasted long enough to allow organisms to develop.
Research funded by Nasa found a pair of interesting objects in our galaxy. One of the pair is thought to be a planet, while the other could be a moon.
Scientists from several prestigious U.S universities dated the 8cm by 4cm fragment to some time between the fourth and eight centuries.
Scientists at the Cardiovascular Innovation Institute in Louisville, Kentucky, have printed arteries (pictured) and think they could print a whole heart in less than five years' time.
Scientists at the John Innes Centre in Norwich have revealed for the first time how bacterial parasites can turn plants into the living dead for their own interests.

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