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The biggest vessel in the world has been built by Daewoo in South Korea. Swiss company Allseas commissioned the building of the huge $1.7bn ship called Pieter Schelte (shown).
The TuNur project, backed by British and Tunisian investors, aims to power up to 2.5 million UK homes by 2018 using solar energy captured in Kebili Governorate, south western Tunisia.
text The reading glasses worn INSIDE your eyes
Mon, 20 Oct 2014 17:16:30 GMT
The Kamra inlay, developed in the US, measures 3.8 millimetres in diameter and is implanted into the cornea to restore patients' near vision.
The company behind the technology, Kawasaki City- based Burton, showed off rotating spirals, fluttering butterflies and the outline of an apple hovering a few metres over a van.
Scientists at the University of Bonn have discovered a way to ‘melt’ excess white fat by adding the adenosine receptor A2A to the cells, which make them burn energy from food.
A New York team has designed a smart suitcase with built-in technology. Called Bluesmart (shown) product syncs with an app to provide a host of functionality.
The Washington-based firm is expected to launch a smartwatch (patent files pictured) in time for Christmas. Pricing details have not been announced and Microsoft has not commented on the claims.
The study by researchers in Budapest, found that babies born in winter, such as the Duchess of Cambridge (pictured), are less likely to irritable in later life.
The San Francisco-based firm's automated service that monitors sites for stolen credentials to see if they match those being used on Facebook. If it finds a match, Facebook notifies the affected user.
Ford's European Research and Innovation Centre in Aachen, Germany is working on a car seat that can detect heart attacks using six embedded sensors (shown).
Worshippers visiting Saint-Eustache cathedral in Paris can send a text message to influence a laser light show (pictured) illuminating the place of worship.
text Comet Siding Spring zooms past Mars
Mon, 20 Oct 2014 12:38:03 GMT
Nasa in Washington has confirmed all its spacecraft around Mars are safe after a comet whizzed past Mars - and one of its rovers on the surface even snapped an image (shown).
The Surge, from California-based Fitbit, is expected to go on sale by the end of the year and cost $250 (£155). It includes GPS, heart rate monitors and a sleep tracker.
University of California scientists say a giant detector could be made by combining smartphones around the world. These could then alert scientists when cosmic rays (illustrated) hit our planet.
The machine launches in Japan today and will be on British shelves in months, with a water tank whose contents are projected into the room in a fine mist.
Scientists at New Zealand-based research institute Scion claim that if more insects are attracted to street lights they will be thrown off their usual path and into the jaws of predators.
In the battle to stem the virus, health organisations throughout the world are turning towards the data being generated by social media and mobile technology throughout West Africa.
University of Leicester scientists may have directly observed dark matter. They saw a signal in space that can only be explained by the exotic particles coming from the sun (shown).
A paleontologist from South Australia has discovered evidence of sex in the fossil of an ancient fish, who engaged in the act using L-shaped genitals.
Officials at Vandenberg Air Force Base said the plane, which spent nearly two years orbiting Earth on a classified mission, touched down at 9:24 a.m. Friday.
Nasa is making final preparations for a once-in-a-million-years journey as a comet grazes the atmosphere of Mars on Sunday.
Experts at Texas A&M University tracked elephants roaming plains in Namibia for seven years to monitor their weather forecasting abilities.
Experts at Texas A&M University tracked elephants roaming plains in Namibia for seven years to monitor their weather forecasting abilities.
DR EBEN ALEXANDER, a neurological scientist, recalls how he met his biological sister in heaven after having spent his entire life being sceptical of patients who spoke of spiritual experiences.
Snapchat is to show its users adverts for the first time this weekend, in the app's Stories feature.
An art student at the University of Delaware created a Minecraft metropolis (pictured), featuring skyscrapers, roads and trees, using 4.5 million bricks.
The AmazonFresh program offers same-day or next-day delivery on more than 500,000 items including fresh and frozen groceries.
Scientists at the International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA) of Trieste, Italy,believe that gestures form part of a communication system deeply ingrained in humans.
A team, led by Jiaxing Li of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing, coated cigarette ash with aluminium oxide and found it could filter 96 per cent of arsenic in contaminated water.
The mosaic, in Amphipolis, in Greece, adds weight to archaeologists’ suspicions that the tomb could hold the remains of the mother or wife of Alexander the Great.
An inventor in Vancouver has designed multi-tool cylinders. Called VSSL Outdoor Utility Tools (shown) they contain supplied for hikers and even those in the midst of a zombie apocalypse.
Concetta Antico, an artist in San Diego, California, has more receptors in in her eyes to absorb colour, enabling her to see – and paint – the world around her in a different way to most people.
French electronic company Archos has unveiled a budget VR headset (show). It will cost just £25 ($30) and goes on sale in November.
Cambridge University has found a 'fingerprint of consciousness' in patients who are in a vegetative state using a simple test based on measuring patterns of brainwaves.
EXCLUSIVE: Canadian former astronaut Chris Hadfield (shown) told MailOnline that current plans to go to Mars are too ambitious - at least at the moment.
The device, which has a curved screen and Sim card reader built into the distinctive cuff design, was unveiled at Salesforce.com's Dreamforce event in San Francisco.
Nuclear fusion has been described as the 'holy grail' of energy. The Maryland-based company said it would test a compact fusion reactor in less than a year, and build a prototype in five years.
Scientists at University College London claim that when a skill, such as playing the piano, is learned later in life myelin must be made in order to retain the skill.
Rochester researchers found that men can suppress their hunger in order to focus on finding a mate (stock image shown).
Apple has launched its new iPad Air 2, the world's thinnest tablet, and revealed iPhone 6 owners can simply tap their phone to pay for purchases in the US from Monday.
Developed with Berlin firm Soundcloud, the audio Card service will allow users to play podcasts, music and other audio clips direct from their timelines for the first time.
text U.S. study finds tornadoes arrive in swarms
Fri, 17 Oct 2014 01:00:24 GMT
Tornadoes in the United States are increasingly coming in swarms rather than as isolated twisters, according to a study by U.S. government meteorologists in Oklahoma.
The gadget, known as the GoSun Stove, absorbs heat from the sun to reach temperatures of 290°C (554°F). Its Ohio-based creators say it can cook omelettes, frozen foods and even raw meat.
Columbia researchers have discovered a radical new material (pictured) that can create electricity and could be sewn into clothes.
Scientists at Ohio University made a computer model (pictured) to show how air moved through the nasal passages of Cretaceous pachycephalosaurids or 'pachy' dinosaurs.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced 'Safety Check' (shown) while in Japan. If you are in a zone affected by a natural disaster it asks if you're okay.
A New Jersey student has designed a smart deodorant application device. Called the ClickStick, it can remind you to freshen up if you ever forget to use deodorant.
Scientists at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Maryland have spotted ice in an image of Mercury for the first time. Pictured is ice on a crater floor on the planet.
The behaviour of West African chimps using Alchornea hirtella shoots to hunt fierce army ants (pictured) was captured on camera in Guinea's Nimba Mountains.
Belgian scientists have recreated beer that was recovered from a shipwreck between Finland and Sweden. Five beer bottles were found with 145 bottles of champagne in 2010.
Researchers at the University of Adelaide in Australia, explained that the marine creatures called vetulicolians (pictured) were 'filter-feeders' shaped like a figure-of-8.
The kangaroo's extinct ancestors (pictured) strode around the Australian outback 100,000 years ago, walking on two legs, according to Brown University experts.
The exoplanet, discovered by Ohio University, is part of a double-star system known as OGLE-2008-BLG-092L. It is the first time anyone has spotted a twin for 'ice giant' planets, Uranus and Neptune.
text New type of small solar 'cloud' discovered
Thu, 16 Oct 2014 10:47:43 GMT
Dr Janvier from the University of Dundee has discovered a new solar cloud. Solar clouds are groups of particles emitted by the sun into space, often as flares (stock image shown).
A Paris-based inventor has designed a portable bike helmet (shown). Called Plixi the £79 ($126) product folds to a third of its size. It is available in black or while and will come in two sizes.
Both mobile devices (pictured) will run the new version of the Californian firm's mobile operating system - Android 5.0, which has been confirmed to have the name Lollipop.
The U2 frontman described the move by Cupertino-based Apple as a 'drop of megalomania, a touch of generosity' when asked about it during a recent Facebook question and answer session.
Well-Lit, based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, claims it has solved the shortcomings of LED lightbulbs, which have so far been unable to match the brightness of incandescent bulbs.
A video shows a mother combing millions of squirming insects out of her daughter's hair, which experts have identified as an extreme case of head lice.
Paleontologists from the University of Edinburgh say the fearsome creatures roamed the ocean feasting on marine animals such as turtles and even dinosaurs.
The Rosetta spacecraft send back this breathtaking image of itself as it orbited comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko 297 million miles (478 million km) from Earth.
Esa, headquartered in Paris, has confirmed Rosetta will attempt to land on a comet on 12 November with a daring descent of its Philae probe (artist's impression shown).
text Transcence app lets deaf people 'hear'
Wed, 15 Oct 2014 16:32:21 GMT
The app, called Transcence (pictured) is the brainchild of four graduate students based in San Francisco, who have all been affected by hearing loss in different ways.
Independent researchers at Which? magazine in London, tested the processing speeds and performance of the latest phones from Apple, Samsung, HTC and LG.
Three California-based Google researchers found the Poodle bug, which could allow hackers to gain access to information that is meant to be encrypted in plain text.
Engineers have tested voice and data connections in London (shown in map). They travelled back and forth on the ten most popular lines. All were plagued by poor connections.
Archaeologists from the French National Institute for Preventive Archaeological Research unearthed the ancient left arm bones - a humerus, radius and ulna - at Tourville-la-Rivière near Paris.
Researchers from India’s Benaras Hindu University have used coconut kernels to store hydrogen, which could lead to clean cars that emit no pollutants - only heat and water.
Nasa-funded researchers at Darmouth College in New Hampshire are working on a 'Virtual Space Station' which will act as a source of refuge for astronauts on long-duration missions.
text Is Paypal going to buy Square?
Wed, 15 Oct 2014 13:14:26 GMT
Paypal (app shown in image) is gearing up to acquire San Francisco-based start-up Square, which lets people make payments over their phone by linking their debit and credit cards.
Islamic University of Technology in Bangladesh researchers studied typing. They found that the way a person types can reveal how they are feeling (stock image shown).
Engineers at the University of Washington say a full-size version of their fusion reactor (pictured) would be cheaper than a new coal-fired plant with similar electrical output.
The move, which would mean all compasses pointed south instead of north, was thought to take thousands of years. Now California researchers say it can happen in just 100.
The $200 Anura was created by a New York photographer, and its four rotors fold up into its own body when not in use.
Nasa's Maven spacecraft has given scientists their first glimpse of the upper atmosphere of the red planet, which has baffled them for decades.
San Franciso firm August's smart lock cost $249, and can even be set to automatically let in friends or workmen.
The US’ largest flight attendant union is suing the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in a bid to have the ban on the use of phones and tablets during take-off and landing, brought back.
The remains were dug from a permafrost burial chamber on the high Ukok Plateau in 1993. A scan of her remains showed asymmetry in her mammary glands, hinting at cancer.
An unnamed man, a 31-year-old US navy serviceman, admitted he wore the smart specs for 18 hours a day, removing them only to sleep and wash.
A number of robots designed to follow your every move have gone on show at the RoboBusiness conference in Boston.
While 70 per cent of Britons say the thought of someone calling them on the toilet is disgusting, almost 40 per cent have done just that by phoning a colleague, according to the study.
Archaeologists from Leicester University discovered the bronze chariot fittings, along with horse care tools from a 2nd or 3rd Century BC, at an ancient fort in Burrough Hill.
Archaeologists at Emory University in Georgia, Atlanta will train 20 people for 100 hours each so they can learn the art of knapping, used to craft Stone Age-style hand axes (shown).
Populations of endangered bluefin tuna (pictured) remain at historically low levels, but the numbers of Atlantic bluefin are rising for the first time in decades.
Using the world's most powerful beam of neutrinos, generated at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory near Chicago, the Nova machine can precisely record a neutrinos tell-tale traces.
The strange structure was discovered by the European Space Agency's Rosetta probe as it orbited comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko 297 million miles (478 million km) from Earth.
An anonymous post to website Pastebin, which is used to save text users would like to paste elsewhere later, claimed to contain hundreds of Dropbox email log-ins and passwords.
The Svalbard Global Seed Vault, on an island off Norway's northern coast, will be vital to ensuring food security in the face of climate change, warns the Global Crop Diversity Trust, which manages the vault.
An investigation found that banks are quietly rolling out voiceprinting (image of speech recognition technology shown). The biggest roll-out is in Turkey, while the US and UK are following suit.
Researchers at the University of Washington found that children as young as 15 months can detect anger and then change their behaviour to try and keep others happy.
It's the series that will open your eyes to the wonders of the animal world. Nature writer SIMON BARNES tells why you should learn to love vampire bats - and rats...
Researchers analysed athletes at the London 2012 Olympic Games, and said their dental health was 'on a par with that of non-athletes living in deprived communities.' 
Researchers at the University of Missouri School of Medicine say they have identified epigenetic protein changes caused by binge drinking.
Texas researchers say the impact of rising CO2 levels on plant growth has been underestimated by 16 per cent.
Four heavily populated areas in San Francisco are in danger of an imminent major earthquake, claim scientists just months after Napa suffered major damage (pictured).
Massachusetts Institute of Technology scientists analysed Mars One's plan to create a colony on Mars by the next decade (illustrated). They say it has a number of flaws and is doomed to failure.
European Space Agency bosses have revealed this amazing image of the so-called 'butterfly nebula' taken by the Hubble Space Telescope.
Researchers in Singapore say their ultra-fast charging batteries that can be recharged up to 70 per cent in only two minutes.
Experts from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee found the lonelier someone is, the longer they spend on Facebook (illustrated with a stock image).
The rare footage was captured by a group of underwater divers from Mexico known as Panga MX. A humpback whale only shuts off half its brain while sleeping so it doesn't forget to breathe.
The LaLaLa device (pictured) is a concept dreamed up by a Californian design agency, but it could become a reality in just two years, its creators say.
The discovery was made using images from the Houston-based Nasa's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), which suggest a number of lunar rock deposits were less than 100 million years old.
Researchers at Microsoft's Redmond base in Washington have developed a writing tool for Android smart watches (shown), called the Analog Keyboard Project.
The service, called S-Money, was developed by one of France's largest banks and uses the social network to send cash between users, who don’t even have to enter bank details.
Hackers have posted a huge trove of pictures after collecting them from a third-party Snapchat client app for years. Many appear to be child pornography, as half of users are 13 to 17.
A Kentucky-based inventor has designed a shirt with heated pockets. Called Podz Gear (shown) it has six pouches that store thermo-chemical packs that can apparently warm a person's whole body.
A team of researchers have confirmed that bones found in a two-chambered royal tomb at Vergina (pictured), in northern Greece belong to Macedonian King Philip II.
Using Nasa data, scientists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology found that the circles making up the 'face' are not circular.
Washington DC-based Nasa has released an image of Mars and Earth (shown) in the same shot. The picture was taken by the moon-orbiting Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.
The images were taken on October 8th, and blend together two separate wavelengths usually seen in gold and yellow to create the stunning effect.
A former pilot from Israel has created a gadget for paper planes. It attaches to the front (shown) and, using a propeller, allows the plane to be steered.
A Cambridge University study has found that species from Turkey and Ukraine, including the killer shrimp, pictured, are colonising Britain's rivers so extensively that some look like the Caspian Sea.
Alexander Gerst really has his head above the clouds. The German astronaut is currently aboard the International Space Station where he uses his down time to take stunning pictures.
More than 6,000 Britons have persuaded Google to remove links in relation to the 'right to be forgotten' legislation introduced by the European Court of Justice.
After spending the past 25 years in storage, the barn is on sale at Summers Place auction house at Billingshurst, West Sussex, with an auction to take place on October 22.
The Michigan State University study, which appears in the journal Psychology & Marketing, is the first to investigate how important an artist's 'brand' is to average consumers when they appraise art.
California researchers used light to erase specific memories in mice, and proved a basic theory of how different parts of the brain work together to retrieve episodic memories. 
The space shuttle Endeavour has been paired once again with a space lab and storage pod it used on some missions as final preparation for its to go on display in LA are carried out.
Sir Jonathan Ive told the audience at the Vanity Fair Summit in San Francisco his feelings on the matter were 'a bit harsh' as he revealed his first phone concept (pictured).
California-based Apple has been struggling with iOS 8 uptake (iPhone 6 shown). Since its release in September, barely half of Apple users have upgraded, with many sticking to older versions.
Comet C/2013 A1, also known as comet Siding Spring, will pass within about 87,000 miles (139,500 kilometers) of the Red Planet on Sunday.
66 year old Larry Hester has been blind for 30 years - but can now see shapes thanks to the implant installed by Carolina researchers.
At Hawthorne Airport, Los Angeles, Mr Musk said the 'D' stands for 'dual motor.' The car (pictured) has a top speed of 155mph (249 km/h), and accelerates to 60mph (96km/h) in 3.2 seconds.
One laugh at Teatreneu in Barcelona will cost you €0.30 (24p or 38 cents). Using the system, the average ticket price per person has so far been €6 (£4.70 or $7.58).
Brighton photographer Simon Roberts chased the sun around the plane to capture a picture of a sunset in all 24 time zones (one shot shown). He travelled in a plane around the North Pole.
Images of what London’s tube trains (pictured) might look like have been revealed – and they include features that are set to make journeys more comfortable and reliable for passengers.
The interactive map shows the reach of outbreaks such as the Plague of Justinian (pictured), which afflicted the Eastern Roman Empire, through to Sars and Ebola.
The Zoological Society of London and Google are testing television white space, which could be used to transmit data over long distances from remote areas where rare animals roam (pictured).
Earlier this year mysterious craters appeared in Siberia (pictured). And now scientists claim an underground gas explosion was likely to blame.
Charles Bolden talked to MailOnline at the Royal Aeronautical Society in London (pictured). He spoke on many topics including Mars, climate change, Chris Hadfield and the UK.
Gothenburg-based Volvo claims that, by the end of the decade, its new cars will be equipped with computers that have a 360-degree view of their surroundings (illustrated).
The 'Spider in Da House' app, created by the University of Gloucestershire and Society of Biology, provides information and photos on the 12 most common house spiders.
Astronomers at the University of Western Australia studied our Milky Way (illustration shown). They found the mass of dark matter should be 800 billion suns, half previous estimates.
Ed O’Brien from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts has become the first person to dive the Exosuit in the deep water off Antikythera, Greece.
The University of Bristol and the Natural History Museum in London analysed sauropod skulls found in the Morrison Formation, which extends throughout Western United States.
A graduate from Loughborough University created the 15-litre tank, which is packed with technology enabling fish, plants and bacteria 'to work together to create a balanced ecosystem'.
text Researchers reveal the tech of 2025
Fri, 10 Oct 2014 02:05:35 GMT
The new report from the Pew Research Center asked 1,464 experts what the advent of gigabit-speed internet connections will mean.
Google is developing turbines which would be tethered 300 metres above ground and would have wings to help them stay air bound. Kites have potential to generate 50 per cent more energy.
Researchers found in a study of 150,000 Swedish men that those who were obese aged 18 grow up to earn 16% less than their peers of a normal weight. 
Nasa's Hubble Space Telescope has made the most detailed global map yet of the glow from a turbulent planet outside our solar system - and found an astonishingly inhospitable environment.
The 'hot spot' (in red) produces the largest concentration of the greenhouse gas methane seen over the United States.
Created by Oregon-based OnTheGo Platforms, the Brainwave app uses a technology known as Ari that can recognise hand movements using an Android's front-facing camera (shown).
Michigan State and Manchester University found the origin of gamma rays when looking at V959 Mon, 5,000 light years from Earth, This artist's impression is a replica of when a star explodes.
Around 34% of UK children aged five to 15 now own their own tablet, up from 19% last year, according to a recent report by London-based regulator, Ofcom.
The girl may have been rejected by her community because of her pale complexion, according to the archaeologists who found her remains in Albenga on the Ligurian Riviera, Italy.
Researchers from Rockefeller University in New York have unveiled the mechanism that creates the spark between the sexes (illustrated) and it’s down to a newly discovered brain cells.
San Francisco-based Lee Ann Allman created the app after discussing sexual assault with students. Apple pulled the app from its store this week, but did not reveal the exact reasons why.
Scientists from the University of Illinois used a driving simulator to explore the impact of mobile phone calls and passengers talking in cars (stock image) on road safety.
German Expedition 41 flight engineer Alexander Gerst used a camera to take the photo of his helmet visor, in which, the reflection of the sun and parts of the space station are visible (pictured).
The bronze box, filled mostly with documents from long-gone Wall Street businessmen, was to have been opened in 1974 but it lay forgotten in Manhattan.
The tool is designed to make advertising more cost-effective and precise for small businesses and show relevant local adverts to users, the California-based social network said.
Animal drawings and hand stencils dating back 40,000 years (shown) have been discovered by a team of Australian and Indonesian archaeologists on the island of Sulawesi.
The £229 Voice Controlled Thermostat (pictured) from Bracknell-based Honeywell uses far field voice analysis, which means it can operate with background noise such as a TV or radio.
Satellite imaging specialist Raymond Harris and lawyer Raymond Purdy have teamed up to form the world's first space detective agency, Air & Space Evidence Ltd of London.
John Lennon (shown) joins his other former band members in having his music available on Spotify. The musician was shot dead by a crazed fan in New York on 8 Dec 1980.
The 16MP device (pictured) features a unique cylindrical design. A built-in grip sensor instantly activates the camera on pick up, according to the Taiwanese company.
California-based Google can now read your bills in your emails (shown). Users who have enabled Google Now can ask the app to show them their bills and reveal upcoming payments.
New maps released by Bluetooth-company Jawbone show average bedtimes across the nation.
The finely carved stone head (pictured) was discovered by a volunteer on the community archaeology project WallQuest at Arbeia Roman Fort in South Shields.
The patent describes a 'digital periodical'. It is controlled by simply flexing or bending the display, and information can be sent to it via mobile phone networks.  
SPONSORED BY T-MOBILE: From smart remote control apps to firmware updates, the chances are you aren't making the most of your home's technology.
The programme is based on the results of a large scientific study where experts have followed 100 cats fitted GPS trackers and cameras in three urban environments near Brighton.
Scientists from Northeast Ohio Medical University Stony Brook University in New York came up with the theory that gives anthracobunidae (bones pictured) new descendants.
text Blue LEDs win $1.1m Nobel Prize for Physics
Wed, 08 Oct 2014 18:25:43 GMT
Isamu Akasaki and Hiroshi Amano of Japan and US scientist Shuji Nakamura (pictured) have won the Nobel Prize in physics for the invention of blue light-emitting diodes.
The members of the young engineers club at Joseph Whitaker School in Nottinghamshire beat the existing record of 287mph (460km/h) set in March by The Heathland School in Middlesex.
Viewers can see glimmers of green in the distance of the Liwa Desert (pictured) in the United Arab Emirates, which are often oases, but could also be a mirage.
Psychological scientists at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut say that shared experiences (illustrated) are intensified even people have only just met.
Shubhendu Sharma, from Uttaraskhand in India, devised his system of growing mini-forests after a chance encounter with Japanese forester Akira Miyawaki.
The Space Weather Operations Centre, Exeter monitors how solar activity interacts with Earth's upper atmosphere, such as solar storms and coronal mass ejections (illustrated).
American scientists Eric Betzig and William Moerner and Germany's Stefan Hell were announced as the winners at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in Stockholm.
Strati, (pictured) which is Italian for 'layers', has a chassis made of one solid piece and was printed by Arizona-based Local Motors.
Queensland researchers say initial tests of the Blushwood tree has found it was effective in treating tumours 70 per cent of the time.
The Slovakian AeroMobil can fly 430 miles on a tank of petrol - and when its wings fold down, it'll fit into a normal parking space.
text Do YOU have the caffeine gene?
Wed, 08 Oct 2014 08:31:18 GMT
Harvard researchers have pinpointed the 'caffeine gene' that controls our reaction.
Mexican researchers have put a charge into sticks that buzzes for up to three seconds if the user fails to turn when they should.
Nasa says it now covers more of the southern oceans than it has since scientists began a long-term satellite record to map sea ice extent in the late 1970s. 
The app will not require users to use their real names, and will be a standalone product like WhatsApp.
It appears work on the foundations has been finished - meaning Steve Jobs futuristic vision for Apple's Cupertino HQ can begin to rise from the ground.
Study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology says workesr are happier in single sex offices. However they are more productive when with the other gender (stock image shown).
Scientists at Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute in San Diego, California found that orcas can engage in cross-species ‘vocal learning’ by mimicking dolphin sounds.
Scientists at the Mercator Research Group, Germany have created a computer model to make artificial networks of nerve cells in the hippocampus region of the brain (model pictured).
Samsung, headquartered in Seoul, is set to report its lowest quarterly earnings in more than three years as the bigger screen on Apple's new iPhone 6 Plus draws customers away from the S5 (pictured).
This malicious software allows thieves to visit cash machines in Latin America, Europe and Asia, infect them and then visit them later at night to empty the contents.
Two studies were carried out by the AAA foundation for Traffic Safety in Washington DC and the University of Utah. They found that drivers were increasingly distracted by 'smart' cars (pictured).
San Antonia-based Xenex has designed a robot called Little Moe (pictured) that can kill viruses. It works by using pulses of xenon light to disinfect surfaces in five minutes.
The gruesome find came to light after an earthquake struck L’Aquila, Italy. The mummified remains (pictured wrapped in a cloth) were found in underground rooms beneath a church.
Nasa has been beaming photos from Mars since its Curiosity rover landed there in August 2012 and this latest discovery (pictured) was spotted by amateur astronomer Joe White, 45, from Bristol. 
Caitlin Doughty, a mortician from Los Angeles, has used her latest YouTube blog to explain the process with the help of a disco ball Absolut Vodka bottle and a silk purse.
The Dutch group has teamed up with Apple designer Marc Newson to create ‘The Sub’. The gadget provides draught beer using pressurised modules, called Torps.
A scientist at the International Astronomical Congress in Toronto has said a 'therapeutic torpor' (illustration shown) could make a future manned mission to Mars more feasible.
California researchers found a genetic mutation in the worm  Caenorhabditis elegans - and say it could also be used in humans to regulate weight gain.
Researchers say the astonishing rise of the iPad has meant is has now overtaken household names such as McDonalds and Disney to become the number one brand among American 6-12 year olds.
The study, by Kings College London, found that 16-year-olds' GCSE scores in Maths, English and the sciences were 62 per cent heritable.
The cold waters of Earth's deep ocean have not warmed measurably since 2005, according to a new Nasa study.
A project from Microsoft's Redmond Campus in Washington called RoomAlive lets players create a virtual environment in their living room (shown).
text Is global warming WORSE than we think?
Mon, 06 Oct 2014 19:28:39 GMT
Scientists at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California claim climate change is worse than believed because temperature data in southern hemisphere has been inaccurate.
Engineers at the Google X lab, in California, are working on the new screens that are set to join together seamlessly, unlike current video 'walls' (illustrated) that have gaps between each display.
The Wall Street Journal reports that California-based Yahoo will invest £12 million ($20 million) in the three year-old tech startup Snapchat (stock image shown).
California researchers say the phenomenon is actually a survival mechanism - giving us a sense of stability.
A Japanese study has found that more baby boys are being born, compared to girls, as temperatures rise in the country. Stock image.
Andrew Aude, a student at Stanford University in California, used an iOS tool called Cycript to explore the ‘forthcoming’ payment feature, which has yet to be confirmed by Facebook.
The bronze cockerel, as well as the Tetbury Hoard containing 1,437 silver and copper coins from the 3rd century are now on display at the Corinium Museum in Cirencester.
Researchers from Nasa's in California and Esa have found that gravity is weakening at Earth's poles (diagram shown). It is occurring where ice is melting fastest in West Antarctica.
Massachusetts-based Akamai says 43 per cent of internet attacks originate in China according to a representative study (results shown on infographic).
The dreaded phrase 'unexpected item in the bagging area' could soon be a thing of the past at thousands of self-service checkouts in high street supermarkets around the UK.
Called the Lamborghini Asterion LPI 910-4, it has a 5.2-liter V10 that creates 610 horsepower, along with 300 horsepower worth of electric propulsion.
Parisa Tabriz, 31, is the head of the team who protect Google Chrome and its billions of users from criminal hackers. Or, put simply: she's the company's 'Security Princess.'
Archaeologists in Spain claim they have found one of the world's earliest known images of Jesus - and he doesn't have a beard. The figure is engraved on a glass plate dating back to 4AD.
The Met Office's Space Weather Operations Centre will open next week in Exeter after years of preparation and millions of pounds of investment.
Illinois researchers say we serve and eat more unhealthy foods and less healthy foods when eating with or near someone who is overweight.
Soylent founder Robert Rhinehart (pictured) has admitted the firm changed its formula in a bid to cut out the unwanted side effect after users complained of digestive issues.
Ohio-based company, Akron says its TinyScreen kits can be used to make a mini games console, video player, with a selection of apps available including a Flappy Bird clone.
Massachusetts researchers analysed women who had both a child and a dog - and found showing pictures of them elicited the same response in the brain.
text Having a bad day? Head to Facebook
Fri, 03 Oct 2014 19:49:49 GMT
Research led by Ohio State University has found that people in a negative mood like to see others who are also doing badly on social networks (stock image shown).
The World Resources Institute in Washington DC has mapped the emission of carbon dioxide around the world from 1850 to 2011 (shown).
Researchers from the American Chemical Society have developed a new genetic testing method to specifically detect canine faecal contamination in water.
Research led by Dr Selby Cull from Bryn Mawr College in Philadelphia suggests that part of Valles Marineris (pictured by Viking orbiter in 1992) may have had an ancient glacier
The machine, made by a scientist at Bristol University, uses ultrasonic sound waves to generate a levitating field capable of trapping tiny alcohol droplets and making them float in mid-air.
Scientists from Oxford University and in Belgium studied the virus's genetic history and claim it originated in Kinshasa, now the capital of the Democractic Republic of Congo.
Pathways in the brain that allow mothers to bond with their babies are set in infancy and passed on from mother to child, Australian researchers have found.
Colorado scientists were stunned to find thousands of different microbes in samples they analysed - the majority being new to science.
Michigan researcher say women aged 18-24 who read all three books in the series were at increased risk of engaging in binge drinking and having multiple sex partners.
Laser-mapping has revealed a cave in China is the world's biggest. According to National Geographic News it is 380.7 million cubic feet big (image taken from inside shown).
The bedroom of the future (illustrated) was designed by London-based Betta Living. Its predictions include carpets that switch to beams, floating beds and personal stylists built into mirrors.
The ‘moon’, which is in fact an asteroid, takes about a year to orbit the sun and is close enough to the planet to look like its satellite. It was discovered accidentally by the Chilean University of Antofagasta.
Papers from Nasa HQ in Washington DC have revealed how the agency intends to capture an asteroid (shown) by the end of this decade and send astronauts to one by the 2020s.
Scientists from Loughborough University studied why we feel wetness (stock image shown). They found that while we don't have 'wet receptors' our brains know what water feels like .
Prices for the drives, made by London-based Secure Drives, start at £938 and they can be controlled using a token (left) or an app. The Autothysis128s is pictured right.
Writer Micheal Paulkovich has claimed that there is little evidence for a person known as Jesus (illustrated) existing. He is thought is to have lived from about 7BC to 33AD in the Roman Empire.
Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) will study how people use Twitter to develop new communication tools.
Georgia researchers say an intense workout of as little as 20 minutes can enhance your long-term memory by 10 percent in healthy young adults.
The battery, developed at Uppsala University, uses biomaterials alfalfa and pine resin (pictured) in place of chemicals, and is said to have similar energy content to lithium-ion batteries.
The 'SmartMat', created by a Los-Angeles-based team of engineers, provides users with spoken and visual cues on how to best position their body – without the need for an instructor.
University of New South Wales scientists claim that the controversial theory of telegony could be true. They found the size of young neriid flies (shown) depended on previous partners.
text Is Titan's mystery 'island' an ICEBERG?
Wed, 01 Oct 2014 18:20:43 GMT
Two scientists have told MailOnline that they think a giant object on Saturn's moon Titan (shown) could have been an iceberg. Astronomers at Nasa in California were left baffled by its appearance.
Nasa has spotted the strongest, hottest, and longest-lasting sequence of stellar flares ever seen from a nearby red dwarf star. 
Astronomer David Weintraub at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee has written a book predicting which faiths will struggle to accept aliens, if evidence of extraterrestrial life is found.
A growing number of scientists from around the world are trying to prove that evolutionary leaps, such as human's large brains, are the result of the environment alternating between wet and dry.
Oxford Said Business School surveyed 2,000 people born since 1982. Many said they would donate to tackle poverty and unemployment, while others wanted to help their local communities.
A photo shows a card being placed inside a gap (pictured) between the Korean firm's phone’s screen, and its metal case. It is unclear if it affects a small batch, or is a wider issue.
The California-based entrepreneur says it is 'inevitable' that humans will go extinct on Earth. He envisions taking 100 people at a time to the red planet by the end of the century.
Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh say men smile when drinking (stock image shown). In a study they found smiles were more contagious in groups of only-men.
Manchester-based band Marconi Union has released a video for their song Weightless which is said to be the most relaxing song in the world (clip from video shown).
The firm announced the latest version of its Windows operating system, called Windows 10, at an event in San Francisco.
A University of Florida scientist has used pulses of UV light to remove 80 per cent of allergens from peanuts (stock image shown), and it could one day be used to remove 99 per cent of allergens.
The rat (pictured) was discovered in the 1990s at 107 The Terrace, Penryn. It is now on display at the local museum. The rodent was originally found covered in black hair, which has since faded.
The rat (pictured) was discovered in the 1990s at 107 The Terrace, Penryn. It is now on display at the local museum. The rodent was originally found covered in black hair, which has since faded.
California researchers say the death throes are unique as they spew out chemical elements into space that eventually form the Universe as we know it.
Wristify (concept illustrated) was developed by Massachusetts-based embr labs and is a finalist in Intel’s Make It Wearable competition. It glows blue when cooling the skin, and orange while warming it.
This series of images from Nasa’s Terra satellite reveals the shocking change due to a Soviet plan to reroute rivers.
Scientists at the University of Rochester in New York have shown off a method to make objects invisible (shown) using a system of lenses. Four lenses are aligned to make the cloaking device.
According to popular mythology, men tend to be more obsessed by things such as cars and obscure facts. Women, on the other hand, are said to be better at empathy and understanding.
Humankind’s ever-growing need for land and resources, coupled with hunting and poaching, has halved the number of wild animals in world in just 40 years, according to a shocking report.
The perfectly spherical formation was found close to another rock resembling a traffic light. Nasa claims it shows off a unique weather effect on Mars.
Called Atlas, the service is designed to take on Google's lucrative AdWords service. It will allow Facebook to sell ads that 'follow' users across the web and mobile devices.
Called Megasphaera, the fossils come from a rock layer in southern China called the Doushantuo Formation and could be the embryos of an ancient, unidentified creature.
New York-based Consumer Reports used a ‘three-point flexural’ device to test handsets. HTC One (M8) and iPhone 6 were the weakest phones, followed by the iPhone 6 Plus (pictured).
David Etkin, Professor of Disaster and Emergency Management at York University, Canada, examined the link between belief and risk-taking behaviour.
The discovery was made by Connecticut University after finding unusual stone tools at a site in Armenia between two ancient layers of lava dated to a period between 325,000 and 350,000 years ago.
Facebook revealed the size of the drones (illustrated) at a summit in New York. The firm said it will begin testing them over an unspecified location as soon as next year.
text Did life on Earth come from outer space?
Mon, 29 Sep 2014 15:28:20 GMT
Researchers led by Cornell University in New York have found evidence for the origins of life in a star-forming region of interstellar space called Sagittarius B2 (shown).
EXCLUSIVE: London-based tech expert Gi Fernando told MailOnline banks could move into coffee shops and people without social networks (pictured) could be penalised.
The trove of Roman coins (pictured) was found by Laurence Egerton in East Devon. Dubbed Seaton Down Hoard. it was declared treasure at a Devon Coroner’s Inquest earlier this month.
Rosetta's Philae lander will attempt to touch down on the surface of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko (shown) on 12 November, with confirmation due at 1700 BST.
Researchers from Korea and America used statistical analysis and computer models to find a link between ocean temperatures, melting ice and the weakening of the polar vortex (illustrated).
Around 70 sites containing the remains of mastodons and glytodonts - a type of armadillo - have so far been identified near the tiny Bolivian village of Padilla after wind and rain erosion left them exposed.
Socks and other items of clothing shown to be anti-odour in laboratories may not be once when they are put into real use next to human skin, a University of Alberta, Canada, study has found.
A survey of 2,000 UK respondents has revealed online trends in the nation. More than a third of those surveyed said they had Facebook 'friends' that they had never met in person (stock image).
Gut bacteria like those we get from yoghurt could have played a big part in defining who were are today, new research has shown.
Georgia-based security expert, Robert Graham, claims hackers are already using massive internet scans to find vulnerable servers to attack using the Bash bug.
The Labrador has been trained by Connecticut police to pick up the scent for devices such as laptops, digital cameras and USB drives which are often used to stash illegal materials.
Houses in Stoke-on-Trent could be heated by geothermal energy by 2019. This would be done by a £52m geothermal district heating network (DHN). A comparable system in Paris is shown.
The discovery, led by University of Exeter, suggests that water may be a common ingredient in the clouds of dust and gas from which solar systems are born, and not 'special' to our own.
The shortlist for the London-based Society of Biology's Photographer of the Year award has been announced. 12 photos in total are competing including a chicken embryo in an egg (shown).
Research led by the University of Edinburgh proposes new evidence for how birds evolved from dinosaurs (illustrated). Previously it had been thought there was a 'missing link'.
India's Mars Orbiter has sent back its first image of the red planet. The image (pictured) shows craters at the southwestern edge of Syrtis Major, a 'dark spot' that is thought to be a low-level shield volcano.
A University of North Carolina scientist claims it's impossible for stars to collapse and form black holes (illustrated), while the singularity that signalled the start of the universe may not exist.
Just hours after Apple launched iOS 8.0.1, the company was forced to recall the software upgrade. The glitch appears to affect only the newest iPhones - not iPhone 5C or 5S models.
Tokyo-based Thanko Inc has released a thumb extender for smartphones (shown). Called the Yubi Nobiiru the hollow silicone device helps you reach the entire screen with one hand.
text BlackBerry Passport phone on sale for £529
Wed, 24 Sep 2014 16:31:29 GMT
The 4.5-inch Passport (pictured) is now available in the UK, US, France, Germany, and Canada - and will run Android apps from the Amazon Appstore.
The lightweight electric car (shown) that charges itself with solar cells on its roof was built at Eindhoven University. It travels 500 miles (800km) on a single charge at speeds of 80mph (130km/h).
In 2006, Pluto lost its status as a planet, but in a debate held last week at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Massachusetts most people voted for it to still be a planet (shown).
text Does YOUR iPhone 6 BEND in your pocket?
Wed, 24 Sep 2014 13:58:25 GMT
Owners of the new iPhone 6 Plus (pictured) have been surprised with an unintended extra feature dubbed 'bend gate'. It is believed the thinner model and the use of aluminium metal in its design causes the phone to deform.
EXCLUSIVE: Professor Dawkins (pictured) told MailOnline that sex is an unanswered evolutionary question, and that finding aliens may reveal why most animals rely on it to reproduce.
The German firm has taken the cover off of its Future Truck 2025 prototype (pictured) to reveal more features, including how the truck's 'Highway Pilot' will scan the road ahead.
The mice, launched as part of a project by Houston-based Nasa, lack a gene that normal mice have, called Muscle Ring Finger 1 (MuRF-1), which causes muscles to deteriorate.
text Smashing an iPhone 6 is easy just WATCH
Tue, 23 Sep 2014 13:23:45 GMT
The new iPhone 6 will set you back a pretty penny, and a new test shows that once you drop, that screen is going to crack like it has with every iPhone before it - except one.
The claims were made by futurist John Smart who believes we will have ‘digital twins’ within the next five years. Apps already exist that offer similar tools including Siri and Google Now.
Esa scientists in Paris say the Harvard team failed to use dust data compiled by Planck satellite, which had mapped the sky at many more frequencies than other satellites.
Scientists in Bristol were shocked to find that, far from acting logically, an ‘ethical robot’ would often be unable to act at all, with fatal consequences.
The ElectRx project (concept illustrated) is sponsored by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. It involves implanting devices into bodies that use impulses to monitor organs.
The Pocket Flyer, developed in Massachusetts, will carry a panoramic camera that provides a 360-degree view from the drone. 
Farmer Tim Daw is preparing to open his Neolithic-style tomb (interior shown). The chamber is located near the Wiltshire town of All Cannings.
text Dogs can be pessimists too!
Thu, 18 Sep 2014 15:29:13 GMT
Researchers at Sydney University taught dogs to associate sounds with milk or water. Dogs who responded to many tones were optimistic because they assumed good things would happen.
Scientists at Sydney University have created computer models which show how early continents could have placed major stress on the surrounding plates.
Boeing's proposal to develop a so-called space taxi for NASA astronauts includes a seat for paying tourists to fly to the International Space Station, it has been revealed. 
Chicago researchers found 'no significant difference' in the number or quality of moral and immoral deeds made by religious and non-religious participants.
The California-based firm’s chief executive said Apple has changed the way encryption works in iOS 8 (pictured) and as a result the company can no longer bypass a user’s passcode.
Europeans have DNA from Ancient North Eurasians. This group also contributed DNA to people who travelled across the Bering Strait, according to a study by Harvard Medical School in Boston.
A Washington designer has created and online map of the world designed to make Earth look like the Death star from the hit film Star Wars.
Researchers from the University of Minnesota studied 18 chimp and bonobo communities. There were 152 chimpanzee killings, and the majority of violent attackers were male.
The California-based firm is reportedly testing the app among employees. It is unknown if the app will be released more widely. It is a alternative to the audience selector used on the main site (pictured).
Experts say large house spiders (shown) will head into UK homes. Professor Hart of the University of Gloucestershire said the mild summer meant more prey was available than usual.
The free UnlockYourBrain Android app, (pictured) created by German-based developers, also teaches languages, history, and other subjects, that can be customised online.
Data by Houston-based Nasa revealed that August 2014 experienced global highs 0.70°C above the 1951-1980 temperature average. This is the hottest since records began 130 years ago.
The chin strap, (setup pictured) created by researchers from Canada, is made from a material known as PFC that creates charge when it stretches.
Leicester scientists have given blow-by-blow details of King Richard III's death at the Battle of Bosworth more than 500 years ago.
A long-term study of more than 200 wild female baboons from the plains of southern Kenya found that the most sociable females lived two to three years longer.
Researchers at University of California at Berkeley compared DNA from around the world. They found genetic regions controlling facial features were more varied than in any other part of the body.
A video from the American Chemical Society explains how the ion-strengthened glass on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus (pictured) is stronger than regular glass, because it's placed into a hot potassium bath.
The study from Brown University asked 21 highly political target participants to wear a gauze under their arms for 24 hours. Volunteers then rated each smell for attractiveness.
Fisherman in Siberia claim to have found remarkably intact remains of an ancient lizard (shown). They supposedly found the crocodile-like head while on a fishing trip.
Steve Job's office on the fourth floor of Apple headquarters in Cupertino still has his name on the door, Apple CEO Tim Cook told Charlie Rose during a recent interview for PBS.
The 34-year-old Canadian's brain patterns resembled that of healthy participants while watching 'Bang! You're Dead', according to scientists at the University of Western Ontario.
Indian Arsh Shah Dilbaghi has unveiled a device that converts nose breaths into speech (shown). The innovative project is an entry in Google's 2014 Science Fair.
The announcement was made on Microsoft's Xbox blog, and reports claim the software giant paid $2.5 billion (£1.5 billion) for Persson's firm Mojang, which includes rights to the game (still pictured).
The study, by the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Heidelberg, Germany, claims the first vertebrate skeleton 'evolved from muscle', and its origins are older than first thought.
UK and Greece researchers have re-examined a meteorite that has an egg-shaped structure (shown), which resembles a 'fossilised biological cell' on our planet.
Satellite images show 7.7 million square miles (20 million square kilometres) of sea around the continent, according to Dr Guy Williams, a sea ice specialist at University of Tasmania.
Two Australian designers are seeking funding for their flat water bottle. Called the Memobottle (shown) the container can be easily stored in a bag.
EXCLUSIVE: Created by Switzerland-based Nestle, the series explores the hidden beauty in the food we consume, and attempts to convey the science behind making better products.
In addition to the egg case (pictured) several horseshoe crabs and previously unrecorded seed pods were unearthed in the disused Yorkshire Main Colliery, Edlington.
A study by the University of Chicago says a cosmic impact (illustrated) is the best explanation for the 'Big Freeze'. Evidence comes from nanodiamonds scattered across 11 countries.
Experts from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg were investigating the relationship between sound and atoms in the hope of learning more about quantum physics.
The winged-veil headdress and other hidden details hidden in famous royal portraits, feature in an exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in central London.
text Ebola could hit 15 countries across Africa
Fri, 12 Sep 2014 20:01:14 GMT
In a world first, Oxford scientists have created a new map of places most at risk of an Ebola outbreak. They warn regions likely to be home to animals harbouring the virus are more widespread than previously feared, particularly in West Africa.
A study led by the University of Chicago says keyboard layouts have influenced how people name babies (stock image shown) due to something called the 'Qwerty effect'.
The study, led by the University of New South Wales, Australia, also found that regular teen cannabis users (stock image) are eight times much more likely to use other drugs.
This is according to Cadell Last, a researcher at the Global Brain Institute in Brussels. In less than four decades, Mr Last claims we will live longer, have kids in old age and rely on robots.
Yale University in New Haven says deforestation over the last 150 years has reduced emissions of biogenic volatile organic compounds (BVOCs), which can warm the climate.
The map, showing 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko’s stunning landscape, was created by mission scientists in Darmstadt following data sent back from the Rosetta.
The rise in CO2 levels is outpacing fossil fuel use, according to the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) in Geneva, Switzerland.
Preventive fires, which remove dead wood, could keep that increase to below 50 per cent, according to the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis near Vienna, Austria.
The images were posted on Chinese social media site Weibo. A Passbook icon (pictured) on the homepage has an extra tab, which adds weight to claims the device could be used for mobile payments.
A team of California-based Google researchers developed GoogLeNet, that uses an advanced classification and detection algorithm to identify objects within objects (pictured).
Research led by the University of Florida says dogs prefer petting (stock image shown). In the study they found dogs were more satisfied by physical contact.
Buffalo scientists have unravelled the genetic code of the coffee bean for about 30 percent of the world's coffee production.
The recipe for Kishkiyya was found in a 10th century cookbook translated by Salem-based Iraqi scholar Nawal Nasrallah in ‘Annals of the Caliphs’ Kitchens.’