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A car dash camera has captured the moment a meteor apparently streaks through the night sky above Murmansk, Russia, in scenes similar to the 2013 Cheyabinsk meteor which exploded.
A new image shows a mysterious aircraft flying over Kansas. Photographer Jeff Templin says it may have been as high as passenger jets.
The Nearby Friends feature uses your smartphone's GPS system to tell your Facebook friends you are nearby - provided that you both have the new feature turned on.
Scientists in Japan have discovered a cave-dwelling insect that has roles reversed. The female insects sport a 'penis' while the males have a 'vagina.'
Texan and Californian scientists found that aerosols created by humans in Asian economies impact storm formation in the U.S. and beyond.
Two rare ospreys known as Monty and Glesni spent the winter in Africa. But the BBC Springwatch regulars were aghast to return home and find squatters in their nest.
A magnitude 3.5 earthquake has struck Rutland in the East Midlands. The tremors were felt at 7:50am today, just 24 hours after the last one.
Designed by students at Liverpool University, the vehicle is encased in a lightweight carbon fibre shell with the rider cycling in a near-horizontal position.
The orbiting spacecraft made a planned crash into the moon while travelling at speeds of 3,600 mph (5,800 kph).
Miles Jelfs, 27, from Bristol, says he can't afford the operation - which could involve a minor tuck or complete amputation - and is hoping well-wishers will donate to help him.
A 14-hour exposure of the night sky taken by the Hubble Space Telescope has been released by Nasa and Esa.
The Project Ara 'Grey Phone' will consist of a simple frame, screen, Wi-Fi connection and processor with users able to customise it with various plug-in modules.
Students from the University of Pennsylvania developed the programme for iPhones that uses voice commands to control third party apps and gadgets.
Texas-based company Global Language Monitor analysed and catalogued the latest trends in word usage online, in blogs and the top 300,000 global media titles to make its list.
This is according to historic documents and analysis of 27 skeletons buried at Columbus' settlement, La Isabela, in what is now the Dominican Republic.
The first Earth-sized world in the habitable zone of a star outside our solar system has been discovered - and it could be the first we've found that can host water and alien life.
text Smells are the key to MEMORY
Thu, 17 Apr 2014 18:18:09 GMT
A Norwegian study claims the mind connects smells to memories by producing brain waves - the electrical signal from a large number of neurons – at a specific frequency.
The contract was discovered in Oxyrhynchus, in Egypt a century ago and has only just been translated by an expert at Kings College London.
Women lower the pitch of their voice and increase their hoarseness to sound sexy like Scarlet Johansson, according to a study by Albright College in Pennsylvania.
A Nasa research team claims alien life is more likely because wobbling worlds would expose their surfaces to a more even heat from their suns.
Marissa Meyer is reportedly planning a secret assault on Google. The Yahoo CEO has plans to get Apple to dump the giant as its search engine on iPhones and iPads.
Stephen Arthuro Solis-Reyes from London, Ontario, has been accused of hacking into the Canadian Revenue Agency's website to steal 900 social insurance numbers.
text Turn your iPhone into a GAME BOY
Thu, 17 Apr 2014 15:20:35 GMT
The G-Pad, designed by Aws jan is designed to work with an iOS game Boy emulator called GBA4iOS.
A technology has been patented in the U.S. that uses a camera to scan an area for spying devices, blurring a screen to protect a user's privacy.
A team of engineers has revealed their plans for ocean-based reactors. The plants would be several miles offshore and would use water as coolant.
Quantum computing could be used to make phone codes unbreakable. Researchers have made small servers that encode mobile phones.
The satellite, launched earlier this month, is on an ambitious mission to provide data for Europe’s Copernicus environmental monitoring programme.
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Famous 'jet wing' pilot Yves Rossy has been pioneering jetpack travel, and now a device called the Martin Jetpack could bring it to the masses.
Standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon is always a breath-taking experience but a new photo taken from the Space Station shows it is as awe-inspiring from space.
Scientists showed that a partial skeleton of a juvenile specimen found in Kansas, U.S., belonged to the caseid branch of a family of early mammal-like reptiles called synapsids.
The switchover will begin in Europe where people will instead have to use the Messenger function, which Facebook launched three years ago.
The £200,000 machine is on trial in central Bedfordshire where it is filling in potholes 30 times faster than conventional methods.
Research has found women are more attracted to facial fuzz - as sported by stars including Russell Brand, David Beckham and George Clooney - when it is a fashion rarity, rather than the norm.
Researchers in Atlanta, Chicago and Minnesota, claim that being polite in a negative review positively affect the image of both the reviewer and the product being sold.
The University of Queensland is trying to drought-proof barley (pictured) by identifying 'stay green' characteristics to ensure the quality of the grain won't be affected by severe droughts.
Photographer Andy Smith snapped these incredible shots of the International Space Station (ISS) in front of the moon yesterday.
If the 'water world' theory is true, it would mean that life could be more likely to exist on planets where it was previously thought unlikely to flourish, Nasa said.
Alex Brady, a designer from Cambridgeshire, set out to create futuristic, streamlined machines, but experts aren't convinced that machines based on the designs would ever be able to fly.
The Rufus Cuff was designed in Los Angles and will have a large 3-inch screen as well as access to the web, apps and more via its Android operating system.
The system, developed by Colorado-based Joel Cotton, provides a hot power shower using a 5ft (1.5m) long pressurised tank fitted to the roof of a car.
The Discovery Vision Concept can be driven remotely using a smart phone, a tablet or the car's removable console - a technology once considered so fanciful it appeared in the James Bond film 'Tomorrow Never Dies'.
Ten teams of three designers were asked to design a museum, and researchers found those that generated more ideas had worse final products.
The developers hope hand scanning will become an alternative payment method for people if it is a success during trials in the city of Lund in southern Sweden.
The study by Frontiers in Psychology journal revealed when it came to picking a playmate, the babies seemed more tolerant of unfairness when a white child benefited from it.
Texas researchers discovered people who acts immorally or recklessly but are 'lucky' by escaping dire consequences are judged less harshly than an 'unlucky' person, even when both have committed the same act.
Cornell researchers say that baby green-rumped parrots learnt their own name, as well as those of their family, while still in the nest.
Australian researchers say increased CO2 levels are impeding the senses of fish, meaning they cannot spot predators.
Virginia researcher found Entamoeba histolytica,(pictured), which causes a potentially fatal diarrhea common in the developing world, infects by nibbling human cells until they die.
Stanford researchers found that achieving goals give us a far greater sense of satisfaction that abstract concepts of helping others.
The tragic scene was captured in the forests of Brazil as scientists tracked the couple, who had been committed partners for three-and-a-half years.
The ground-breaking experiment will study the impact of space travel on the human body in real time, measuring any changes that occur between the two brothers as they happen.
The search giant will only sell Glass to the public today.
The paw prints were discovered at Blackfriars near Leicester city centre on the ancient floor tiles of a Corieltauvi townhouse.
Created by Austrian group Johammer, the electric bike uses a hub-mounted motor which provides 14 horsepower - enough for a top speed of 74mph.
text Earth compared to neighbouring mega stars
Tue, 15 Apr 2014 17:08:24 GMT
Designer Axel Ramos has created a graphic showing the scale of the cosmos. The designer gathered data on the largest stars to compile it.
The event, known as a 'Tetrad', illuminated the moon a vibrant red across the United States and in South America. The rare astrological phenomenon is believed by some to mark the beginning of significant events.
EXCLUSIVE: A British graduate chemist and secondary school teacher has created an infographic to pinpoint the compounds and the particular smells they create.
Forget mobile phones and online chat rooms, the first emoticon may have appeared in a 1648 poem. The apparent 'smiley face' appears in the second line of English civil war poet Robert Herrick's verse, entitled ‘To Fortune’.
The software works by sending an anonymous ‘click ID’ to the advertiser when somebody clicks on an advert. The person is identified by the advertiser because they will have cookies installed on the user’s computer.
Called Hawkeye, it uses high definition cameras on a plane to capture a 25-square-mile patch of Earth constantly for up to six hours.
The screenshots show newly redesigned icons in a version of Android called Moonshine - with a 'flat' appearance similar to Apple's iOS 7 redesign.
The baby moon, which is around half a mile (0.8 km) in diameter, sits on the very edge of Saturn's A ring - the outermost of the planet's large, bright rings.
A recently formed ozone hole over the UK is allowing high levels of potentially harmful ultraviolet rays to travel through the atmosphere, increasing the risk of sunburn and skin cancer.
A Dutch company has begun testing their glow-in-the-dark technology that use 'photo-luminising' powder to light up roads.
The IPCC report yesterday highlighted a number of barriers to using CSS, including fatal CO2 leaks, transport issues and operational risks, such as seismic tremors.
Researchers from the University of Maryland found that salamanders in the Appalachians today were nearly a tenth smaller than their ancestors in the Fifties.
Texas researchers say the bacteria known as Group A Streptococcus underwent four major genetic changes as it transformed into the bug that causes the killer disease necrotizing fasciitis.
The patent is believed to reveal Google's plan to shrink its controversial wearable computer to fit on a contact lens.
Canadian researchers found players of the computer game Starcraft reached their peak in terms of cognitive motor performance at 24.
Facebook had been expected to acquire New Mexico firm Titan Aerospace - but today Google revealed it had pipped them to the post.
A Hawaiian surfer has found a new purpose for crashing waves: fixing his eye problem
Scientists at Cern in Geneva have confirmed the existence of a new 'exotic' particle using the Large Hadron Collider beauty (LHCb) detector.
text Rome may have been built in 9th century BC
Mon, 14 Apr 2014 16:43:27 GMT
The archaeologist responsible for Rome’s Forum, (pictured) discovered a wall near the Capitoline Hill that predates the founding date of the ancient city.
New research looked into how likely people were to pick up their dog's poo. The study was carried out by the University of Central Lancashire.
The world’s leading experts on climate change say fracking will cut greenhouse gas emissions and should be made central to the country’s energy production.
Belgrade architect Margot Krasojevic's concept incorporates an electric field designed to attract calcium carbonate from the water, to form new reefs quickly.
A team at the University of Edinburgh is undertaking a £5 million project. The research has been looking at making red blood cells from stem cells.
Dr Adam Bradford, who also works as a GP in London, says that key information about Jesus' birth and childhood in the Gospel of Luke could only have come from Mary.
Scientists claim ancient riverbeds on Mars were created by brief warm spells - but these would not have lasted long enough to allow organisms to develop.
These pictures were taken using a special stroke-effect flash unit that has just hit the market. Lee Wilson captured just one second of the bird's flight in a single exposure using 15 flashes of light.
Bran Ferren has spent 4 years and millions of dollars constructing the KiraVan to take his four year old daughter Kira camping.
New York firm twopcharts analysed twitter's accounts - and found many of them are 'dark' accounts never used to send tweets.
Astronomers have used trigonometry to increase the range of Hubble, and the telescope could now be employed to refine the 'cosmic distance ladder.'
Researchers at Cornell University in New York found that children tend to postdate their earliest memories by as much as 9 months.
Researchers from Tsinghua University, China, and Drexel University, U.S. created a scaffold of proteins coated in cervical cancer cells (pictured) to realistically show a tumour's environment.
Britain would be an ideal place to try the technology because there are thousands of old coal mines (pictured) which could be used to store carbon dioxide.
Chicago psychologists have found that some individuals react more strongly than others to situations that invoke a sense of justice - for example, seeing a person being treated unfairly or mercifully.
Research funded by Nasa found a pair of interesting objects in our galaxy. One of the pair is thought to be a planet, while the other could be a moon.
Michigan researchers say mathematical formulas suggest it is possible to adjust to new time zones faster than previously thought, and have created their own free app.
text Will Apple's iWatch cost $1,000?
Thu, 10 Apr 2014 20:36:20 GMT
KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also predicted big screen 'phablet' phones from Apple, a redesigned 12-inch MacBook and an iPad Air 2.
Scientists from several prestigious U.S universities dated the 8cm by 4cm fragment to some time between the fourth and eight centuries.
The Project Ara Module Developers Kit is now available for free. The Californian-based firm said the files will give developers a first glimpse at its plans for the DIY phone.
iStrategyLabs have unveiled a mirror that can take 'selfies.' It is called the Self Enhancing Live Feed Imagine Engine, or SELFIE for short.
One psychologist from The Priory, London, said that talking lots of selfies is not an addiction, but a symptom of Body Dysmorphic Disorder.
Scientists at the Cardiovascular Innovation Institute in Louisville, Kentucky, have printed arteries (pictured) and think they could print a whole heart in less than five years' time.
Scientists at the John Innes Centre in Norwich have revealed for the first time how bacterial parasites can turn plants into the living dead for their own interests.
Cats and dogs are treated more like people than ever before, says author David Grimm in his new book Citizen Canine.
Researchers at Edinburgh University claim the genetic similarity between Neanderthals and non-African humans must have arisen after interbreeding in Europe and Asia.
Carnegie Mellon University and Medrobotics have made a surgical robot snake that could be used for heart, neck and throat operations.
Built in the UK by Honda's British Touring Car Championship, the 'Mean Mower' demonstrated its speed at a racetrack in Tarragona, Spain.

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