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Called the Chromebit, it uses Google's Chrome OS and contains a HDMI plug and a fully featured PC. Google also revealed two new $149 laptops aimed at schools.
Known as Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs), just 10 have been discovered - and German researchers say they all contain a strange patttern.
The new building in Menlo Park, California, measures 430,000 square feet and apparently has the 'largest open floor plan in the world'. It was unveiled by founder Mark Zuckerberg on Monday.
Researchers at the University of Arizona made the discovery after comparing transcripts of 46 news conferences that Reagan held to the 101 sessions George H. W. Bush held in his term.
The Seattle firm has teamed up with Brita, Whirlpool and others to create smart appliances, and will also offer standalone wifi buttons to order common items.
The research, led by the University of North Texas, found that students were more committed to a relationship if they thought their partner was modest, despite catching them cheating.
text Google makes you feel smarter than you are
Tue, 31 Mar 2015 23:51:19 GMT
Yale researchers say the increasing reliance on Google and other search engines to answers questions is affecting our own perception of what we know.
The California-based search engine is allowing users to play the classic Pac-Man game through virtual streets anywhere in the world using their desktop site or mobile app.
The new MIT system could dramatically cut the amount of time drivers are stuck - and the amount of carbon emission caused by red lights.
The San Francisco giant's new service is designed to let parents create photo albums of their offspring and easily tag and share them.
The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee collected sewage samples from 71 cities across the US to reveal the urban 'microbiome' of a population - a key indicator of health.
Researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing have found patterns of ageing based on certain facial features that can be seen using a camera called the 3dMDface System.
A scale insect called Wathondra kotejai, preserved inside a piece of amber discovered in a mine in northern Myanmar, is thought to be the earliest example of parental care in insects yet discovered.
The Redmond giant hopes the new cheaper tablet will appeal to students and budget-conscious families - and lure buyers away from Apple.
The results of an experiment on the ISS, run by a team in California, to monitor how ants cope with zero-gravity (shown), has been published. When the ants tried to search, they struggled to keep their grip.
The hack was devised by experts from London-based MDSec. It takes advantage of a flaw in iOS 8.1 that creates a tiny delay between the PIN code being entered and the phone unlocking.
San Jose-based Atmel has released its ultra-low power ARM-based 32-bit microcontroller that uses a third less power than rivals. This reduces the number of times batteries need to be charged.
Researchers from Yale University found that supplies of gallium, arsenic and selenium, in particular, are at risk. These compounds are needed for circuit boards, batteries and displays.
The selfie stick for tablets (pictured) is on sale from a Los Angeles, California-based company and includes a strong rubber clamp to hold the tablet in place.
Dr Jean-Luc Margot, a professor of planetary astronomy at the University of California, Los Angeles, says theories the moon (shown) causes illnesses are rubbish.
Researchers at the University of Oxford found that children who play video games for more than three hours a day are more likely to be hyperactive, fight and not be interested in school.
Japanese scientists from House Foods Group used irradiating ions to disable the production of an enzyme called lachrymatory factor (LF) synthase enzyme that causes tears.
The Cruiser-Feeder concept (pictured), from Amsterdam's National Aerospace Laboratory, involves a refuelling jet, carrying kerosene for up to five planes, located along flight routes.
Researchers at Chongqing Medical University, China, and Wake Forest University in North Carolina, examined depression in cynomolgus macaque monkeys living in social colonies.
Palaeontologists estimate that the mammoth, which was found close to the town of Nyagan in the Khanty-Mansi region of Siberia, Russia, was a 30-40-year old female.
text Facebook says the world is an ILLUSION
Tue, 31 Mar 2015 15:26:24 GMT
The comments were made by Michael Abrash, chief scientist from Facebook-owned Oculus at the social network's annual F8 conference in San Francisco.
Indiana University experts taught a robot to associate the name of an object with its location, while sat with a certain posture. When the object moved and posture changed, the robot failed to recognise the item.
The maps, created by London-based designer Michael Pecirno, aim to help people better understand the landscape by highlighting single features such as the grasslands of America.
Geologists at Syracuse University in New York poured lava heated to 1,100 degrees C onto a sheet of ice. The lava turns the ice straight into steam and becomes a seething mass of molten rock.
Scientists at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands have observed polar bears in east Greenland and Svalbard raiding the nests of seabirds like barnacle geese and eiders for food.
The Californian firm will now let people with Samsung, HTC, Nokia and BlackBerry devices trade-in their handsets for Apple Store credit. This credit can be used online or in store.
A group of experts based in Los Angeles, California, are making a film about the wonders of mycelium - a vast underground network of fungus - that absorbs carbon dioxide and holds soil together.
The European Space Agency's Rosetta spacecraft is getting ready for an adventurous pass through the geysers of comet 67P (shown) to find out what they are made of.
The European Space Agency's Soundcloud page reveals clips of space that you can listen to. They include the noises heard as a probe landed on Titan in 2005 and a Soyuz rocket launch (shown).
Jay-Z and Beyonce have signed up a host of stars to launch a streaming service to rival Spotify - and one with no free subscriptions so they earn more money from the artist-owned platform.
text Did Stone Age humans 'DEFLESH' their dead?
Tue, 31 Mar 2015 11:53:14 GMT
Archaeologists at the University of Cambridge found delicate cut marks made with stone tools on the remains of up to 31 Neolithic farmers and children buried in Scaloria cave in Puglia, Italy.
Missouri researchers say a nutrient in garlic offers the brain protection against ageing and disease - and could even prevent use from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.
In the 19th century, it was believed that these foul odors carried diseases, so the New York City Metropolitan Board of Health created the map to highlight the areas affected.
The mystery new product line will be revealed at the company's California, Design Studio on April 30 at 8 p.m. PT, according to a tweet earlier today by Tesla founder Elon Musk.
Scientists at York University have identified the specific types of bacteria that cause body odour and now hope to develop sprays which will remove these smelly bugs.
Brown researchers say a steady dusting of carbon from passing comets has slowly painted Mercury black over billions of years.
The images were taken by London-based photographer, Michael Frank, using historical dissections featured at the Royal Veterinary College and preserved in formalin pots.
text Amazon unveils move in local services
Mon, 30 Mar 2015 23:28:42 GMT
Amazon is launching a services marketplace to match people with businesses offering anything from home improvement to piano lessons.
Using previously  top-secret technology, Australian researchers can to zoom through the human body down to the level of a single cell to spot osteoporosis (pictured) and other diseases.
Researchers at Northeastern University in Boston have created a van that uses 'Versatile Onboard Traffic Embedded Roaming Sensors' to map the roads in fine detail.
The 10th century brew - known as Bald's eyesalve - killed 90 per cent of bacteria on scraps of MRSA-infected skin, scientists from the University of Nottingham claim.
The world's vegetation has expanded, driven by expanded forests in China (pictured) adding nearly 4 billion tonnes of carbon to plants above ground in the decade since 2003, Australian researchers say.
The light bulb was created by the University of Southern California with help from Phillips and has been shown to attract 20 per cent less insects than conventional LED bulbs (pictured).
Scientists at the University of Lisbon in Portugal fitted headphones to cats (pictured) while they were undergoing surgery and found Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings calmed the animals down.
EXCLUSIVE: Imagine spending five days in a cockpit with barely enough room to stretch your arms. That's what two Swiss pilots (Piccard shown) are currently doing on board the Solar Impulse plane.
The Californian firm launched a campaign to fund its latest device, called Time (pictured), on the last day of February and in just 28 days it raised $20.3 million (£13.7 million).
Scientists at the German Nation Metrology Institute (PTB) in Braunschweig, Germany, are measuring the atoms in a sphere (pictured) so they can redefine the kilogram.
text Does being rich make you SMART?
Mon, 30 Mar 2015 17:52:09 GMT
Los Angeles researchers say being wealthy boosts brainpower. Their study found that money was important to a young mind. Shown is a picture of the Pitt family.
Airbus have filed a patent for high-tech touchscreen windows. Guests will be able to tap on landmarks to learn about the buildings and areas below, as they soar through the skies.
Nasa will fly its new heat shield from Hawaii in June. Tomorrow it will perform a spin-test of the new technology. It is known as the low density supersonic decelerator (LDSD), pictured.
Experts at the University of Manchester who developed the bulb, claim it's 10 per cent more efficient than LEDS, lasts longer and is also cheaper to make (stock image shown).
Two sellers - known only as Courvoisier and ThinkingForward - are using dark web marketplaces to offer account details, according to reports from New York-based Motherboard.
The 'self-fuelled liquid motor' was designed at Tsinghua University, China. It 'eats' aluminium flakes to create bubbles. These bubbles then propel it forward, or around a Petri dish (shown).
The pottery shards (pictured), found in Tel Aviv, come from large ceramic basins, which were used to prepare fruity beer that was left to ferment under the sun.
The bone comes from a skeleton that was discovered at La Ferrassie in the Dordogne, France, in the early 1970s, and has now been analysed by making a computer model.
Scientists at Radboud University in the Netherlands found English speakers take five time longer to describe an odour than they can a colour while some languages have specific words.
New footage shows how a drone can herd around 120 sheep from Carlow, Ireland, through a narrow gateway within minutes. It was captured by Paul Brennan, who specialises in aerial photography.
Dutch Professor of Physiology, Mark Post, told the Northern Territory Cattlemen's Association in Darwin on Thursday that the replacement would solve environmental and animal welfare problems.
Dr Hannah Fry, a maths lecturer at University College London and author of The Mathematics of Love, has said that there are a few simple rules that can help when searching for love.
University of Florida Health researchers have found that the artificial sweetener can inhibit cancer cell growth, and say it could be used to slow the cancer's growth.
While other experiments have shown entanglement with two particles, the new study by Australian and Japanese researchers entangles a photon with itself.
Michigan researchers say reclusive giant pandas may not be quite as solitary as we thought, and often spent several weeks in the same area of forest to be near each other.
A team of astronomers, led by Cambridge University, say these planets could be part of a more extensive solar system containing worlds like our own like 4.3 light years away.
Engineers at Festo, in Esslingen am Neckar, Germany, created the robots (pictured), which have cameras and sensors as well as 'grippers' to move objects.
The photograph was taken by London-based Michael Frank, and is of an historic specimen from the Lanyon Anatomy Museum of the Royal Veterinary College in London.
Illinois researchers say the incredible creatures, which include the 'water bear' (pictured) are proof life could exist on other planets, saying 'the possibilities are just beyond our prediction.'
Google is working with US health care giant Johnson & Johnson to develops robots capable of helping out in the operating theatre.
Scientists at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore came to the conclusion after studying more than 80 research articles on the topic.
Engineers from the University of Calabria said the gel (pictured) can be made in different consistencies from a sticky version for salad dressings to a solid variation that can be spread like margarine.
Galeries Lafayette in Paris, Isetan in Tokyo and Selfridges in London will have special Watch stores in their luxury good sections, along with boutiques in London, LA and Berlin.
Biologists at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee measured the plumage colour of male and female birds from 977 different species and their findings challenge Charles Darwin's famous theory.
Californian researchers have developed a liquid that enables night vision (shown in eyes in the image). The solution combines Chlorin e6 (Ce6) with insulin and saline.
The circles (pictured) are located in the Flaming Mountain in Turpan, north west China and cover more than two-and-a-half square miles (6.6 square km).
Scientists at the University of Tübingen, Germany, grew Rhodopseudomonas palustris (pictured) and Geobacter sulfurreducens on the iron oxide mineral magnetite.
Scientists at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, believe that with more research, the droplets (illustrated) could replace current methods used to disinfect food.
Scientist at the University of Toronto discovered a fossil of the new species of predatory arthropod in Marble Canyon in the Canadian Rockies. They have named it Yawunik kootenayi (illustrated).
Google, based in Mountain View, California, has been awarded a patent (pictured) that suggests Glass could be used to identify music and provide steps to follow in real-time.
A student from McGill University in Canada published new time estimate. It examines the hypothetical scenario of falling through Earth (stock images hown).
University of Cologne scientists say the G2 cloud (shown) is actually a star. The object was found orbiting the Milky Way's core in 2002, but observations suggests it is too compact to be a cloud.
Scientists at Manchester University created brain maps of the Apylsia sea slug while it moved and found it was organised in a less complex way than had been believed.
Divers in South Africa have spotted Cape fur seals attacking and killing blue sharks (pictured), according to scientists who have been left baffled by the behaviour.
The 2-inch Podo camera (pictured), designed by San Francisco-based Podo Labs, has suction pads that stick to any surface. It weighs 51g, contains an 8MP camera, LED flash and shoots 720p video.
The Ministry or Defence said that the stealth F35-B, which has been plagued by design flaws and technical setbacks, could not be flown within 28 miles of a thunderstorm.
The Periscope app from San Francisco firm Twitter, like Meerkat, allows anyone to stream live video to a wide audience with their smartphone.
Plans for the 80-storey luxury hotel tower, designed by Los Angeles architect Thom Mayne, have been unveiled for the tiny hamlet of Vas, in the Swiss Alps.
Captured at 1,500 frames per second, the video shows the Madagascar chameleon shooting out its tongue to almost twice its body length in little more than 0.07 seconds.
Researchers from the University of Cambridge studied fossils from early humans collected in in Kenya (pictured), Tanzania, South Africa, and Georgia.
A California-based hacker, who is named only as Patrick, created a program which worked by luring in two men who 'like' one of his fake profiles and matching them to each other instead.
Scientists at the University of California, San Diego, came to the conclusion after combining 18-years worth of ice shelf thinning data from three different sets of satellites from 1994-2012.
Advance orders for the new HTC One begin Friday, while  orders for Samsung's Galaxy S6 phones start Friday as well, with delivery expected around April 10.
Archaeologists (left) searching for monarch King Stephen (right), who died in 1154, hope to follow in the footsteps of those who found Richard III (insert). His remains lie beneath a field in Kent.
Facebook said people would be able to game in VR on 'something' shipped by Oculus this year, and showed off the firm's internet drone at its f8 conference in San Francisco.
A Nasa robot ship will pluck a large boulder off an asteroid and sling it around the moon, becoming a destination to prepare for future human missions to Mars, the U.S. space agency has said.
The smaller 6c could have a 4inch screen and come in a range of colours, like the 5c, according to a report from Digitimes.
Scientists at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh say that some apps for Android smartphones are tracking people's movements every three minutes.
Researchers in Switzerland and the UK mapped dark matter in clusters (one shown). They discovered that dark matter 'particles' pass through themselves, suggesting it may not be a particle.
The online retail giant has approached the British Government about trialling its flying Amazon Prime Air service (pictured) in the UK, transport minister Robert Goodwill has confirmed.
Asteroid 2014 YB35 will pass 2.8 million miles from Earth tomorrow (artist's impression shown). It was discovered by the Catalina Sky Survey at the University of Arizona.
Two engineering students from George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia, made the device which uses low-frequency sound - like 'the thump-thump bass in hip-hop' - to extinguish flames.
The technology from Detroit-based General Motors uses a camera and infrared sensors to track the driver's gaze 50 times a second to automatically follow their line of sight.
Ampware Crankcase provides up to 40 minutes of battery life after one minute of winding on the handle at the back, which drives a magnetic dynamo generator. It can also charge accessories.
There has been a 54 per cent increase in pedestrians being hit by electric or hybrid cars, with the visually impaired being worst affected, according to a report from the Guide Dogs charity.
The Hertfordshire-based company behind Sterillo said the dryer could be used in schools and offices to stop people picking up germs such as Salmonella and E-Coli from bathrooms.
Scientists in Israel have revealed a new rotation speed estimate for the ringed planet (pictured) of 10 hours, 32 minutes and 45 seconds. This is based on measuring its gravity, shape and density.
Russian photographer Nick Larionstev filmed five different species of mould growing using a specially designed rig. It took between two and eight days to capture each sequence.
The wings (shown) were designed at Stanford University and are made from carbon fibre. Similar to the wing of a bird, they each have a wrist joint and this shape means they can flap and fold like origami.
Ryptide converts drones into a flying life-guard that can drop up to four inflatable rings to swimmers in trouble. It is being developed by students in Stamford, Connecticut.
Reykjavik-based DeCode Genetics has sequenced the largest ever set of human genomes from a single nation, revealing surprising genetic mutations in Icelandic people.
The ACTUV will be able to operate for several months at a time scouring the seas and coastal areas for silent, diesel powered enemy submarines, and is being tested in Mississippi.
Scientists at the publicly-funded Sainsbury Laboratory in Norwich claim they have designed a potato which takes eight genes from other varieties. A stock image is shown.
California-based Raytheon engineers Ulvi Yurtsever and Steven Wilkinson say that any interstellar spacecraft travelling that fast would leave distinct light signatures in its wake.
Google's self driving car could have airbags both inside and  out, a new patent granted to the Mountain View firm has revealed.
Japanese researchers found Jupiter's aurora sometimes mysteriously explodes - causing dazzling brightening  up because of a process having nothing to do with the Sun.
Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the new features at its annual developer conference in San Francisco, for the first time allowing developers to create apps that function inside Messenger .
Astronomers in Maryland have found the first observational evidence that supermassive black holes cause huge outpourings of material from the centre of galaxies (illustration shown).
Facebook is to begin supporting virtual reality on its newsfeed, with users able to put on a headset and explore a virtual location, the firm revealed at its F8 conference in San Francisco.
Thanks to a new 'life hack' video from YouTube user Rumble Viral, a pepper is opened up in a matter of seconds without disrupting any of the pips.
Elon Musk's comments were made in an interview with New York-based scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson, who added that computers could choose to breed docile humans and eradicate the violent ones.
A mathematician at Stanford University, California, compared the efficiency of shuffling techniques and said the 'riffle' shuffle (pictured) is the most effective and random if done well.
The Gemini 3 mission of 23 March 1965, launched from Florida, was shrouded in controversy when astronaut John Young snuck a corned beef sandwich (pictured in a museum) on board.
Scientists at Virginia University compared biological brothers, one of whom had been adopted into a new family, to discover that their IQs differed. A stock image is shown.
The shoes (pictured) were designed by Lithuania-based iShuu Technologies. Each shoe has flexible e-ink displays on the left and right sides which connect via Bluetooth to a smartphone app.
The robot (pictured), developed at King's College London is equipped with sensors. A sleeve on the user's arm interprets signals sent back from the robot using micro vibrations.
text Will Samsung's Galaxy S7 fold in HALF?
Wed, 25 Mar 2015 15:20:03 GMT
A report hints that a fully foldable smartphone (stock image) by the South Korean firm could be ready as soon as next year and that foldable screens may also feature in laptops and wearables.
An Idaho-based couple has released a censoring app for iOS and Android. Called Clean Reader it deletes certain swear words from books (excerpt from Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl shown).
text Could Tesla's Model X be released this year?
Wed, 25 Mar 2015 14:15:23 GMT
Tesla confirmed to Dailymail.com the new model will include autosteering and self parking capabilities announced by Elon Musk last week.
Scientists at the Polytechnic University of Turin are using DNA from herring sperm cells to develop new types of flame retardant materials after finding it forms a ceramic like material when heated.
Professor Kevin Schürer from the University of Leicester, found the link between the former Plantagenet monarch and English actor Benedict Cumberbatch.
The tool (pictured) works in a similar way to the California-based site's 'tailored notifications' and involves scanning tweets for abusive or offensive words, threats or signs of harassment.
EXCLUSIVE: Rosetta mission manager Patrick Martin told MailOnline he is confident of making contact with Philae (shown approaching comet 67P) soon - but there is a race to do so before August.
The anthropological team from the University of Jaen said the Egyptian woman was an aristocrat from Elephantine, the country's southernmost town (pictured)
Experts from Georgetown University found neurons respond differently to real words compared to nonsense words and this proves the brain is 'holistically tuned' to recognise complete words.
The study, conducted by researchers at the University of Washington and in Australia, compared drug policies at schools in Washington state and Victoria, Australia.
Having a treadmill desk could improve your attention span, and even your memory, Canadian researchers have found.
The space agency said the car sized rover's odometer checked in at 26.2 miles. Opportunity and its twin Spirit landed in January 2004 for what was supposed to be a three-month mission.
Researcher Sandi Mann, of the University of Central Lancashire, has also warned modern-day obsession with smartphones and gadgets is stifling people's creativity.
New York researchers have spotted a vast cloud (pictured) proving that  supernovae are capable of producing a substantial amount of the material from which planets like Earth can form.
Massachusetts-based fertility company, OvaScience, says its technique involves rejuvenating an egg's mitochondria, which are the tiny structures that create energy to run a cell.
Scientists at the University of California, Santa Barbara have found a new virus that infects archaea beneath ocean's floor near Santa Monica. The virus does this through a process of self-mutation.
Boeing's new QF-16 is a a retired US Air force jet converted into a drone, and 126 will be used in Florida to simulate combat, flown by two controllers on the ground,.
Scientists at Europe's CERN research centre have had to postpone the imminent relaunch of their refitted 'Big Bang' because of a short-circuit in the wiring of one of the vital magnets.
Researchers from the University of California, Davis, and the University of Nottingham say the theory may help explain dark energy and why the rate of expansion in the universe has accelerated.
Switzerland's Federal Institute of Technology also found that neurotic people may eat too much high-caloric food to deal with their negative emotions.
Neuroscientists from the Basque centre of Cognition, Brain and Language in Donostia-San Sebastian, observed changes in the brain due to drinking red wine.
The kSafe (pictured) is the brainchild of a start-up in San Diego and will let users set pre-defined goals. Only when they meet them will the safe open.
Experts led by Dr Rachel Grant of Anglia Ruskin University used data gathered from a series of motion-triggered cameras located in the Yanachaga National Park in Peru.
Scientists at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research say the Gulf Stream, which helps to keep Europe's winters mild, has slowed by 15-20 per cent in the past century.
The patent (illustrated) was filed by the California-based firm in 2011 and granted this month. It details a three-sensor camera that uses mirrors to split incoming light and manage more pixels.
Switching from vehicles powered by fossil fuels to plug-in equivalents would ease a phenomenon called urban heat island, Michigan researchers say.
London-based BAE System's Broadsword range (pictured) includes a wearable power pack called Spine. It is made using conductive yarns and energy use can be monitored using an app.
text Did prehistoric hunters POISON their spears?
Tue, 24 Mar 2015 15:21:38 GMT
Scientists at the University of Cambridge believe paleolithic hunters used plant toxins to make their weapons more deadly up to 30,000 years ago. They have developed a new test for poisonous residues.
The animals were captured for a series of tests last month, after Natural England gave unprecedented permission for them to be allowed to live free near Ottery St Mary, east Devon.
Nasa scientists in California found evidence of nitrogen on Mars, a key ingredient for life. The findings were made by Curiosity's (shown) Sample Analysis at Mars instrument.
The research was carried out by scientists at the University of Utah. They crushed minerals between diamonds to mimic Earth's core (illustrated) and found there must be a new layer 930 miles underground.
Drunk Mode was built by Indiana-based developers from Launch LLC. If an attempt is made to contact the blocked number a 'Drunk Quiz' (pictured) appears which ask the user to solve an equation.
The Intelligent Speed Limiter in Ford's S-Max car is designed to help motorists avoid fines from Europe's 35,000 speed cameras.
The £35 Fire TV Stick (pictured) is a smaller, more affordable version of the Washington-based firm's Fire TV box that launched in the UK in October.
Boeing have been granted a patent for a device that uses sensors to detect an explosion before creating a 'shield' of electrically charged gas that can deflect and weaken incoming bastwaves.
Bones from Irish elk (a skull is shown), which stood seven foot (two metres) tall, have been found in a number of locations across western Siberia and have now been re-analysed.
text Meat eating Lorikeets have experts baffled
Tue, 24 Mar 2015 10:41:08 GMT
Pictures snapped at a Elimbah home - north of Brisbane - shows the rainbow lorikeets feasting on mince (pictured). Bird expert Darryl Jones said he had never seen this happen before.
Professor Sophie Scott from University College London says people are 30 times more likely to laugh if they are with others because it activates part of the brain linked with copying behaviour.
Google's 'smart ads' will be seen by customers of its fiber TV service in Kansas, and allow advertisers to target individual users.
51-year-old retired Navy captain Scott Kelly says 'a military, tactical-style thing' that can hold a tool pouch is his key item as he prepares to blast off with Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko.
Scientists from from Duke University, North Carolina, say the Plexin D1 gene influences whether a person is 'apple' or 'pear' shaped - and their discovery could help eliminate pot bellies.
Israeli researchers say the technique  could be used to attack classified military networks, the payment networks that process credit card transactions and industrial control systems for power plants.
Google boss Eric Schmidt has confirmed that the California firm's Glass is still going strong - and remains 'a big and very fundamental platform for Google'.
Spotted in Ecuador's western Andean cloud forest, Pristimantis mutabilis can shift its skin texture to match anything it is sitting on in a little more than three minutes.
Swiss scientists at ETH Zurich are developing a Viagra-replacement therapy that involves injecting the penis with a gene and then exposing it to a blue light to increase blood flow in the penis.
Scientists at the US Geological Survey in Virginia are investigating ways of flushing out the valuable minerals, including gold, silver and rare elements such as palladium and vanadium.
Detroit-based Chevrolet has unveiled its 'Teen Driver' feature which lets parents view maximum speed reached, distance driven, and number of times active safety features were used.
The US-made tractor is guided by GPS and steers with an accuracy over the ground of less than an inch, meaning there is no overlapping and it can be driven in perfectly straight lines.
A plastic surgeon from Cantonal Hospital St Gallen in Switzerland found that adults tended to rate children with larger ears (stock image) as being more intelligent and likeable.
Scans reveal foetuses carried by smokers touch their faces more than those carried by non-smokers - a sign of delayed development, experts from Durham and Lancaster Universities found.
The Californian firm's Layout app has four main features called Faces, Mirroring, Photo Booth and Previews. It lets people create collages with up to nine images and 11 combinations.
Scientists in Brazil studied why certain species of mushroom glow (pictured). They found the ability helps them attract insects at night. These creatures will then move their fungal spores elsewhere.
Ashley Yeager for Science News in Washington DC explained that solo planets (artist's impression shown) could be common. This is thanks to more regions of dust and gas than we thought.
A team of scientists that included York University fired an ultra-intense laser on fluids. The plasma in the fluid produced a sound wave. The process is thought to be taking place on stars (sun pictured).
Russia reportedly has plans for a supersonic transporter plane that could carry tanks and troops to anywhere in the world in a matter of hours.
AppKettle was created by Loughborough University engineering graduates Robert Hill and Richard Hill. It is expected to launch on Kickstarter on 31 March and will retail for £120 ($179) once funded.
Lazyboard (pictured) is the ultimate predictive text app designed for Android. It was created by Singapore-based Reddit user Sir-Zeph and lets people communicate using a list of just ten words.
Kisha (pictured) was designed by Goran Candrlic, from Rijeka in Croatia. It connects to an app via Bluetooth and gives five-day forecasts, while a Bluetooth beacon can be used to locate it.
Research led by Durham University studied a lunar volcanic eruption. The team found that the eruption 3.5 billion years ago was much bigger than thought and spread debris over a large area (shown).
Researchers from Purdue developed a way of turning 'packing peanuts' (pictured) into carbon by baking them at high temperatures and flattening them into microsheets and nanoparticles.
The skateboard-meets rollerskates, has two 10-inch wheels, which riders position their feet inside, and is being sold by Hammacher Schlemmer, which is based in Niles, Illinois.
text Climate change will make food TASTE bad
Mon, 23 Mar 2015 13:01:25 GMT
A report by climate scientists at the University of Melbourne has warned that many meats and vegetables are under threat from rising global temperatures.
The 'on-body detection' feature (pictured) was first spotted by San Francisco-based fan site Android Police in the Smart Lock menu of a Nexus 4 running Android Lollipop.
A team at Harvard’s Wyss Institute in Boston, Massachusetts, have created nanorobots (illustrated) from strands of DNA that could be used to treat a patient with leukaemia.
Archaeologists previously found evidence of sacrificial altars in the Belize cave but new analysis of teeth suggests many belonged to children aged between six and 14.
Exact copies of 14 of the extinct animal’s genes were integrated by experts at Harvard University in Massachusetts into the elephant genome - and functioned as normal DNA.
Scientists from Saarland University in Germany have found that a nap of just 45 minutes to an hour 'produces a five-fold improvement in information retrieval from memory'.
Texas experts found the 'theoretically optimal angle of lumbar curvature,' a 45.5 degree curve from back to buttocks, allowed ancestral women to better support, provide for, and carry out multiple pregnancies.
British researchers say that many speakers have entirely different personalities in each of the languages they speak.
The Californian watchmaker has published 3D printing files to encourage designers to build their own 'smartstraps'. An example strap is Spark.io's 'cellular kit' (shown).
The ringcam has a built in wide angle lens, and can simply be plugged into a computer to download the footage.
Biologists from Auburn University named the new catfish Peckoltia greedio after the bounty hunter Greedo who appears in the Star Wars films. It has large dark eyes, a suckermouth and bristles.
The firm is planning to to unveil its new device at its annual World Wide Developers Conference in San Francisco, just weeks after dropping to price of its current box from $99 to $69.
CEO of Dutch company has responded to criticism of Mars One. Bas Lansdorp (pictured) said claims people paid their way in were not true and they would go to the red planet.
The 160 page report, which was obtained by The Wall Street Journal in New York, suggests that Google's algorithms were biased and it was demoting competitors' services.
Experts from hosting firm WP engine analysed 10 million passwords to reveal the top 50 most-used passwords as well as the top 10 colours, superheroes and verbs used for login details.
Moritz the pig in Berlin, Germany has solved a complex puzzle. The pig did it without any help from a human. In a video (shown) the pig puts coloured shapes into a wooden block.
The flamethrower (shown) was designed by Cicinnati-based Ion Productions and fires a stream of flaming fuel up to 25ft (7.6 metres) from the nozzle. This can be used to clear snow or light bonfires.
Researchers from Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, claim their study is the first to ink dropping out of school, and crime (stock image).
A team of scientists travelled to Svalbard (pictured) to observe the solar eclipse. Using an array of instruments they studied the sun's corona to work out why it is so much hotter than the surface.
The Bios Urn (pictured) has been developed by Barcelona-based estudimoline. Relatives can choose which tree they want including pine, gingko, maple, oak and ash.
The remains (shown) were discovered in Revadim, Israel. The researchers said the handaxe was prehistoric man's 'Swiss army knife' capable of cutting and breaking down bone and tough sinew.
text Live-stream your LIFE using Meerkat app
Fri, 20 Mar 2015 09:48:26 GMT
The app was built by architecture student Ben Rubin and was on display at this week's SXSW Festival in Austin. Tweet s are posted with a [LIVE NOW] message and an optional #meerkat tag.
Meteorologists at the University of Reading are asking members of the public to record the weather conditions during Friday's eclipse in the hope of understanding the 'eclipse wind'.
Billionaire Richard Branson's Virgin Group may take on Tesla Motors and other companies in developing electric cars, the entrepreneur revealed in Miami.
Children who have matching pairs of hands are quicker-witted than those with less symmetrical features, research at Edinburgh University has found.
The tolcapone drug changes the chemical balance in the prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for personality, according to the University of California, Berkeley.
Italy-based AdvicyDrive monitors heart rate while driving to determine how awake you are. If it detects a drop in heart rate, which suggests you're dozing off, it sounds an alarm on a phone (illustrated).
Researchers at Purdue University in Indiana claim that tubes 0.6 miles (1km) in diameter could be stable enough to house these permanent bases beneath the surface.
The models, by the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, is used to simulate eddy transportation of heat within the ocean and help understand climate change.
Chicago and Buffalo researchers found getting older doesn't necessarily make people cynical and suspicious - in fact, it can make them more trustworthy.
British firm Delphi Automotive is set to attempt what it bills as the 'longest automated drive ever attempted in North America', driving from San Francisco to New York.
Scientists at the Columbia Business School in New York have revealed that so-called 'bolstering' range offers work particularly well when negotiating a better salary.
Called the Urban Death Project, the Seattle firm proposes corpses are placed into a giant tower by families and left to decompose - with compost being taken from the bottom.
The Californian company's updated software will map out the best route to a driver's destination based on the location of charging stations. It will also warn drivers if battery power is low.
Scientists at Princeton University, New Jersey studied an ancient meteorite (shown) and found a quasicrystal with a structure that it was not thought could form in nature.
The European Parliament's Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee voted in favour of the draft rules on Tuesday. They are set to become law April. BMW i3 with eCall is shown.
US military's Darpa has developed a method to stop infectious diseases (Ebola shown). It involves encoding RNA and DNA with instructions for antibodies. Testing could begin in two years.
The tool, created by a psychologist at the University of Texas, analyses tweets to create a profile showing a user's emotional, social and thinking styles.
The trio revealed at a Basel luxury fair they hope to develop a high end luxury smartwatch to take on Apple's $349 watch - and said it will be on sale by the end of the year.
The humanoid was originally created by the Italian Institute of Technology and its latest iteration can be seen playing a game and responding to touch in a video.
Researchers from VU University in Amsterdam created six fictional résumés and asked recruiters to assess the applicants for cognitive ability, personality, and hirability.
Experts have been unable to explain the strange phenomenon which illuminated the dark sky in Stavropol, southern Russia, in the early hours of the morning.
The Water Nest 100 (pictured) was designed by Italian architect Giancarlo Zema. It has a 39ft (12 metre) diameter and is 13ft (4 metres) tall and prices start at €500,000 (£358,000).
Scientists at the University of California, Los Angeles, asked participants to smell an odourless lotion while looking at pictures of people. They rated the smell as worse when looking at obese people.
The company confirmed the plans to close its centre in Haidian, Beijing on Wednesday and the move is expected to affect between 200 and 300 employees.
EXCLUSIVE: Dr Kristina Vanoosthuyze studies shaving habits of 80 men every day using high-speed cameras and scanning electron micrscopy (hairs pictured) at Gillette, Reading).
Uber has opened up its online booking to allow any app to call a car. The San Francisco firm said it hoped developers would use the system to make their apps 'smarter'.
Tiny black holes - a sign of a 'multiverse' - could be detected in Cern's Large Hadron Collider in Geneva when it turns on next week, according to scientists in Canada, the US and Egypt.
Researchers at the University of California, Santa Barbara made the discovery after tracking the hormone levels of Tsimane people in Bolivia's Amazon basin after a day hunting.
Researchers at the Natural History Museum in London used a new proteomics technique to analyse fossils of odd-looking extinct hooved mammals and found they were most closely related to horses.
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Washington has said this winter and the first two months of 2015 were the hottest on record globally.
Nasa scientists in Houston have discovered aurora on Mars reach deep into the atmosphere. They also made the unexpected discovery of dust up to 190 miles (300 km) above the red planet's surface.
Instead of remembering a complex password, users will simply need to look at their phone or use a fingerprint reader, the Seattle firm said.
Nasa scientists in Houston watched the object explode on March 17 2013 as it hit the surface in Mare Imbrium creating a flash of light 10 times as bright as anything ever recorded on the moon before.
Scientists in New Mexico have a new theory for the origin of Earth's scattered iron in its mantle. Research suggests iron was vapourised in impacts and rained back down (arist's impression shown).
A team of researchers at the University of Antwerp, Belgium, captured slow-motion X-ray footage of mudskippers (stock image) eating pieces of brown shrimp out of water.
Facebook's Messenger app will soon let you send your friends money in a bid to take on the mobile payments space by the social network.
The study, led by researchers from the University of California, challenges the idea that decisions people make are rooted in a pre-existing moral framework.
Cook reveals the Silicon Valley entrepreneur had a 'soft, caring' side - and wanted Cook to enjoy the same family time that he did.
text Is this the FIRST ever Roman fort?
Tue, 17 Mar 2015 20:34:33 GMT
Lidar technology helped uncover the fort, built in 178 BC, in the Bay of Muggia near Italy's northeastern border with Slovenia. It possibly paved the way for the modern Italian city of Trieste.
Scientists at the Southern Methodist University in Dallas believe the whale swam up an ancient river by mistake at a time before East Africa's climate changed, leading primates to walking on two legs.
The ring (pictured) was discovered during excavations of a Viking trading centre in Birka, Sweden, in the late 1800s but recent examinations have revealed its origins.
The malicious drive is dubbed ‘USB Killer’ and it uses a high voltage and current to ‘fry’ the laptop’s components. A prototype was created by a Russian blogger 'Dark Purple' using parts from China.
The research was able to identify fingerprints of memories, distinguishing between viewing a picture of a necklace, from a picture of Marilyn Monroe, Birmingham researchers said.
Michigan researchers have warned against sharing too much - and say a new generation of 'sharents' could cause problems for their offspring.
Silicon Valley giant Facebook has created a new rule book that tells users the sort of content they can and can't post on the site, including a ban on images of buttocks.
Astronomers in New York have catalogued species of organism on Earth by studying their reflected light. The same method could be used to spot life on another planet (illustration shown).
The tax receipt from Egypt (pictured) was written in Greek on a piece of pottery and dates to 98BC. The unnamed taxpayer had to pay a land transfer tax of 75 talents, as well as a fee of 15 talents on top.
The online Synesthesia Battery test (pictured) was created by neuroscientist David Eagleman from Baylor College of Medicine in Texas to test what types of synaesthesia a user has.
A series of photos shows how quickly the Earth is changing, including before-and-after pictures of the parched Aral Sea, Alaska's melting Muir glacier and the urban sprawl of Beijing.
Biologist Dr Andreas Hejnol and Dr Chema Martín-Durán of the University of Bergen say the Brachyury and ParaHox genes could shed light on anus evolution.
Evidence of divination, in particular osteomancy, lithomancy and aleuromancy that use bones, stones (pictured) and flour to predict the future, were found in shrines in Armenia.
Halifax recently completed a successful trial of 'cardiac authentication' using the Nymi band. Nymi reads the wearer's heart rhythms, which is said to be as unique as a person's fingerprint.
Researchers studying spotted hyenas in Kenya (shown) found that high-ranking members of groups live longer and are healthier and these alpha females were also found to have more offspring.
To take the stunning images, astronomers combined the Green Bank Telescope in West Virginia with the radar transmitter at the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico.
After a two-year shutdown and upgrade, the multi-billion dollar Large Hadron Collider in Geneva is about to ramp up for its second three-year run.
Scientists using the Hubble Space Telescope have confirmed that the Jupiter-orbiting moon Ganymede has an ocean beneath its icy surface.
Scientists at the University of Kansas and the Croatian Natural History Museum have found cut marks and polishing on eagle talons found at site in Croatia that suggest they were strung into a necklace or bracelet.
The newborn baby appears inconsolable while crying in an incubator before being placed into its father's arms. Relaxing, the baby falls back to sleep as its father talks, sings and rocks it gently.
The Californian tech giant said that yesterday's problem was caused an internal DNS [domain name system] error.
Scientists have discovered 1,451 new species in the world's oceans in the past year alone, including microscopic shrimp off the coast of Southern California and a new type of dolphin in Brazil.
Scientists from the University of Bristol scanned the fossilised remains of Acanthostega gunnari to create a 3D computer model to reveal the shape of the tetrapod's skull.
Two Californian inventors have come up with a new type of transport. The Sbyke (shown) is a mix of a bike, scooter and a skateboard. A smaller version costs £99.95 and a bigger version is £159.95.
text The Milky Way is 50% BIGGER than we thought
Wed, 11 Mar 2015 13:40:05 GMT
Astronomers in New York have revised the size estimate for our galaxy. They now say the Milky Way (shown) is 150,000 light-years wide, not 100,000 light-years.
A dangerous combination of people feeling distanced from the person they are abusing and having a vast platform on which to vent their rage instantly encourages users to become more aggressive.
Fake versions like these (left and right) are already on sale at Huaqiangbei electronics market in Shenzhen, mimicking the design and style of the new watch (centre) right to the digital crown.
Nasa scientists in Maryland have created a satellite visualisation (shown). It shows dozens of Earth-observing satellites currently orbiting our planet.
A team from Barcelona plans to launch a balloon carrying GoPro cameras to record a 360 degree video of the March 20 eclipse from at least 31 miles (50km) above Earth.
EXCLUSIVE: The US physicist explained to MailOnline that scientists have learned more about the brain in the last 15 years than we have in the rest of human history.
Computer scientists from the University of Wyoming and Cornell University in New York were able to hack the way a computer views objects using unique images that appear as static to humans.