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So, Zieleinlauf der #DTMDriversChallenge. Und Runde drei geht an...

... Adrien Tambay! Der Audi-Pilot löste die gestellte Challenge fernab der Strecke am charmantesten.

Ein verdienter Sieg seines Glücksbringer-Bildes. Oder was meint ihr zu seiner Fahrer-Tür, die er beim Rennen immer bei sich hat?


The checkered flag came down and round three of the #DTMDriversChallenge goes to...

...Adrien Tambay! The Audi-Pilot mastered this challenge, away from the track, most charmingly.

A deserved victory for his lucky charm picture. Or what do you think about his drivers-side car door that he always has with him at every race?

Raspberry Pi competition aims to trigger interest in programming and coding in London schools
text Raspberry Pi competition aims to trigger interest in programming and coding in London schools Portcullis Computer Security is launching the competition in the London Borough of Hillingdon to award those students that develop products to benefit the community. (itproportal)
Gaza Residents Told To Leave 'For Own Safety'
text Gaza Residents Told To Leave 'For Own Safety' Israel says it will hit the northern Gaza Strip hard in the next 24 hours as it steps up an offensive against Hamas militants. (skynews world)
Flying solo: the Amelia Earhart who made it
text Flying solo: the Amelia Earhart who made it Amelia Rose Earhart becomes first woman to circumnavigate the globe by plane in tribute to Amelia Mary Earhart (telegraph)