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It's smooth, pretty, and, in short, it's the nicest Ubuntu Linux desktop that's ever been.
I still find Ubuntu with Unity the best desktop of all for users who don't know computers and just want something easy to use.
Samsung's Galaxy S5 latest to signal that biometrics still not a solid answer on authentication
text 3D printing: Don't believe all the hype
Fri, 18 Apr 2014 11:00:00 -0700
The technology is interesting, but the novelty will eventually wear off.
But 300 million is not nearly enough for LinkedIn as the professional social network sets its eyes on the entire global workforce.
text Blu-ray archiving for the enterprise
Fri, 18 Apr 2014 06:42:05 -0700
Now that Facebook and - I believe - Amazon's Glacier are using Blu-ray for long-term archival storage, perhaps your company should too. Here's some options
Retailers are constantly seeking technologies to both bolster customer experience and increase efficiency. To execute this vision of in-store experiences powered by technology, retailers need to leverage the critical skill sets of both business leaders and infrastructure and operations professionals.
text Does AMD have what it takes to make a recovery?
Fri, 18 Apr 2014 05:06:05 -0700
Now that the company seems stabilized, having put behind it the catastrophic losses it was posting a few years ago, AMD needs to turn things around. And I believe it has what it takes.
It's fast, it has a super-strong signal and it's blue and black like Linksys devices from the old days. Unfortunately the software hasn't advanced as quickly as the hardware.
AMD's chief information officer tells ZDNet how his company's efforts to compete amid financial downturn rest on its innovation efforts, because the chipmaker can't innovate without a solid internal IT system.
text Chrome: the great mobile equalizer
Fri, 18 Apr 2014 03:55:00 -0700
The Chrome browser is available on most every mobile platform. That makes it the obvious choice for multi-platform online work.
text 2014 Easter egg hunt: Google hoaxes and jokes
Fri, 18 Apr 2014 03:31:05 -0700
Here is a roundup of Google easter egg jokes and hoaxes in 2014. Did you miss the Tardis?
David Gewirtz received an email message with the subject "How to Speak Geek and Influence Nerds." He responds, oh so gently. Yep, this one will leave a mark.
Trading under the ticker WB, the Chinese microblogging service cuts its shares offer to 16.8 million at US$17 each, due to concerns over slowing user growth and slowing U.S. IPO market.
Air China, the country’s national flag carrier, said more passengers will soon be able to enjoy free broadband browsing services at 32,000 feet after a successful trial run on Wednesday.
SOA is great for large enterprises, but not for small teams -- and four other nuggets of advice from a seasoned SOA veteran.
The computer giant has also announced the B50, G50, Z40, and Z50 notebooks, all starting under $600.
Microsoft is highlighting some of its big-data and analytics projects at this week's TechFair research fair.
The company said in January it learned of the breach and hired security firms to investigate. Michaels also said that it has contained the incident and the malware isn't a threat.
The company launched Salesforce Developers, which aims to make it easier to find documentation, peer help, and other resources.

Nokia Lumia 1320 review
text Nokia Lumia 1320 review The Nokia Lumia 1320 brings 4G and a large screen to those who want Windows Phone at a wallet - friendly price – but does it do enough to please in all departments? (itproportal)
Ferry Disaster: Sewol Captain Faces Arrest
text Ferry Disaster: Sewol Captain Faces Arrest Prosecutors ask for an arrest warrant for the ship's captain as investigators look into whether the third mate turned too sharply. (skynews world)
Royal tour: Duke and Duchess of Cambridge given surfboard for Prince George
text Royal tour: Duke and Duchess of Cambridge given surfboard for Prince George The £2,200 surfboard was a gift from the mayor of Manly, Australia's "Surf City" near Sydney. (telegraph)