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The more I watch the evolution of technology, the more similarities I see between today’s Google and the ruthless Microsoft of the early 1990s. Can old age and treachery vanquish youth and skill?
Australian Treasurer Joe Hockey will introduce legislation this month to tighten corporate taxation loopholes but says there must be a global solution to tax evasion.
Samsung overwhelmed Galaxy smartphone owners with multiple content sources and now users won't be able to get to purchased content the same way.
If you're looking for someone to blame over the U.S. soccer team's loss to Belgium yesterday, you can start with Google.
text Windows 8.x usage declines
Wed, 02 Jul 2014 11:30:05 -0700
Net Applications has found that Windows 8.x actually lost user share in June 2014, while Windows 7 has really been the operating system to gain from XP's end of support.
Current customers of LiveRail's website and app services include MLB.com, ABC, Gannett, and Dailymotion.
Microsoft has acquired SyntaxTree, the developer of the UnityVS plug-in for Visual Studio.
text Samsung's China suppliers failing work rules
Wed, 02 Jul 2014 09:26:05 -0700
Korean handset manufacturer's annual sustainability report says 59 of its suppliers in China failed to ensure proper work conditions and provide adequate safety equipment at their plants.
Level of virtualized systems among Asian organizations remains low and needs to speed up for cloud to be more widely adopted, says Dimension Data exec, who adds there are security concerns too, though, these are diminishing.
With research showing people only use about two dozen apps, it's hard to believe you can't find those on Windows Phone today.
NASA's spacecraft will be monitoring carbon dioxide levels in Earth's atmosphere from space.
Program aims to generate more interest in STEM subjects and strengthen the innovation ecosystem in Brazil
text IBM releases Connections 5 social software
Wed, 02 Jul 2014 07:23:05 -0700
The enterprise software giant said the cloud and on-premises social software drives collaboration and information sharing between internal and external users via file sharing and integrated social collaboration tools.
Approval is contingent upon Telefonica selling up to 30 percent of its network capacity.
Microsoft and Canon are cross licensing their respective mobile and digital imaging patent portfolios.
With the launch of Oracle VM 3.3, Oracle continues to tie its version of the Xen hypervisor more tightly to its computing environment. This is good news for Oracle users. Is it also good news for users of other virtual machine software products?
Big Blue has launched a new big data service for enterprises to better manage content from multiple devices and locations.
A single bidder in the recent Silk Road Bitcoin auction has landed all 30,000 that went under the hammer.
If you don't like Facebook's recent mood manipulation research, then there's one easy answer to get the company to changes its ways.
Is there a simple answer to the future of technology and the world of work? Probably not, but this thought-provoking book might help you relax and stop worrying about it so much.

Have your say: Will Apple's new iTime watch live up to the hype?
text Have your say: Will Apple's new iTime watch live up to the hype? An Apple patent for a smartwatch was revealed today, with the device apparently to be called the iTime. (itproportal)
British Embassy Convoy Attacked In Libya
text British Embassy Convoy Attacked In Libya The Foreign Office urges all Britons to leave as further attacks on foreigners are likely amid a "greater intensity of fighting". (skynews world)
He's arrogant, tough, insecure and charming - but he has such bright blue eyes: Hilary Clinton&
text He's arrogant, tough, insecure and charming - but he has such bright blue eyes: Hilary Clinton& Hillary Clinton says she warned White House Vladimir Putin would be 'more aggressive' in second shot as Russian president (telegraph)