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Pinterest is taking a mobile-first approach with its next data-inspired scheme for content discovery, which could eventually open up to a new revenue stream.
CEO Satya Nadella dropped a few possible clues about where he and Microsoft may be going during his first earnings-call outing. Here's my attempt to read between the lines.
Netflix is paying Comcast but not happy about it as it ramps the war of words over Net neutrality and last mile tolls.
Tony Prophet, most recently an HP Senior Vice President of Operations, is the new head of Windows Marketing.
President Dilma Rousseff sent a strong message about an Internet management overhaul to the world, but concrete actions are required
Microsoft's first quarter with Satya Nadella at the helm was a good one. The enterprise unit delivers the dollars again.
Research suggests middle-age parents make up the bulk of heavy mobile users, with women clocking in above men in the 'Mobile Addict' category.
Wall Street was looking for earnings of 23 cents per share on a revenue of $19.43 billion.
While the last several years can best be characterized as exploratory for most enterprises, cloud services and cloud platforms are now an undeniable part of the IT landscape.
Edward Snowden caused more damage to the Internet than the U.S. intelligence community did, according to a former deputy director of the NSA. But of course, he would say that. So, now what?
Zoho and others have ended integration with LinkedIn after the business social media company decided on two developer partners in the CRM industry: Microsoft and Salesforce.
The expansion of IBM's US Federal Healthcare Practice includes data visualization, and an analytics service that integrates unstructured data from physician notes and lab results into electronic medical record systems.
text Fixing a broken Google Glass
Thu, 24 Apr 2014 11:25:05 -0700
Can wearable computing be saved when its users are Glassholes?
Now everyone (with $1,500 to burn) can be a "Glasshole."
UPDATED: Coincidentally, the news about the Google+ chief's departure reportedly leaked on Secret, of all places, first.
The partnership plays into Dell's larger open networking initiative, which steps away from the traditional networking switch model.
Forrester ups its public cloud value forecast by a fifth of the original forecast from 2011, but the research firm warns there are still a number of barriers to consider.
Microsoft is retiring its SQL Web and Business cloud-database service tiers in April 2015 and replacing them with new Basic, Standard and Premium ones.
LinkedIn already has a few familiar names signed up for Content Partners, including The Atlantic and Bloomberg.
Square is setting up shop on one of the most retail-heavy streets in Manhattan. The payments provider also plans to add more than 300 new jobs in the area.

Nokia Lumia 1320 review
text Nokia Lumia 1320 review The Nokia Lumia 1320 brings 4G and a large screen to those who want Windows Phone at a wallet - friendly price – but does it do enough to please in all departments? (itproportal)
Ferry Disaster: Sewol Captain Faces Arrest
text Ferry Disaster: Sewol Captain Faces Arrest Prosecutors ask for an arrest warrant for the ship's captain as investigators look into whether the third mate turned too sharply. (skynews world)
Royal tour: Duke and Duchess of Cambridge given surfboard for Prince George
text Royal tour: Duke and Duchess of Cambridge given surfboard for Prince George The £2,200 surfboard was a gift from the mayor of Manly, Australia's "Surf City" near Sydney. (telegraph)